Outlanders, Hello Dracula 2, Battle Golfer Yui, and More!

I've been surprisingly busy over the past couple of months with translation projects.

For starters, I completed an English translated script for Hello Dracula 2 (a.k.a. Kyonshiizu 2), an early action/adventure game for the Famicom. The Hello Dracula 2 script package is currently available for use in an English, or other language translation patch. Bob789 has offered to look at script insertion so hopefully that pans out.

Next up is Outlanders, also for the Famicom. This was translated by Eien ni Hen (many thanks!), and has also been provided as an English Translated Script Package. If you're interested in working on this project, please follow the link for more information.

I also took a look at Battle Golfer Yui for the Mega Drive on a whim. I managed to dump a script which I'm currently messing around translating while it's fresh in my mind.

In other news, Princess Minerva has entered closed beta. We're hopeful for a release this year, pending play-tester reports.

That's all I'm going to share for now. I hope folks are looking forward to what will hopefully be one or two finished projects via Dynamic-Designs soon. Otherwise, please feel free to grab script packages, or contact me regarding technical work on completed scripts.


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