Imabikisou PS3 Horror Game Reviewed, Translation Projects News!

I just posted a video to YouTube about the horror visual novel by ChunSoft (published by Sega) called Imabikisou. It's one of the earlier Playstation 3 games, released about a year after the system launch. I'm just getting around to reviewing it now. ^_^; Please take a look at my video review. NOTE: This is a horror game and my reivew includes violent and frightening imagery.

I've been doing a lot of translating recently. I recently became a member of Dynamic-Designs, the current incarnation of Magic-Destiny/Stealth Translations. I've been working with them for about a year on Slayers and Aretha II. Though I'm not translating anything in conjunction with DD currently I have been coordinating some translation work for Princess Minerva and I'm "on call" for that project. I'll also likely be tackling Aretha I in the next year or two.

In addition to that I have more translation news! Eien ni Hen has agreed to take over the translation of the Slayers game for PC98! I'm really excited to have someone else working on this game! I'm a huge fan, but I keep getting distracted by other projects. :( This way Slayers is in good hands while I tackle some other priorities.

Speaking of priorities, I've been translating Welcome to Pia Carrot 2 like a mad man. I've been working on it for maybe a few weeks and am already about 20% finished with a first draft. Even better, Grant Laughlin, co-translator of Lady Sword, has agreed to co-translate WtPC2 with me! This will further speed up the project/free me up to hit some other projects fast and hard.

Other projects? Why yes. I've made a quick first draft of Sailor Moon R for the Game Boy for Esperknight. In addition to that Esperknight and I are preparing to move ahead with work on our currently announced projects Urusei Yatsura - Stay with You, Welcome to Pia Carrot 2.2 and possibly a number of other projects as time goes by. I'll keep you posted.


Eveything in it seem to be

Eveything in it seem to be very confusing. - Nova Publishers

a full translation of

a full translation of imabikisou would be amazing ive been trying to teach myself japanese for a few weeks now and feel like im a day 1 student japanese is hard lol

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