New Video, Ore no Imouto Portable 2-Shot & O.R.E. System Tutorial

I posted another video on Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Portable for the PSP. I cover the two shot and O.R.E. systems to give you the basics on how the main gameplay mechanics work so you can play and enjoy the game without relying on a game guide/walkthrough.

I've played quite a bit more of this game. I have completed 49% of the game and gotten several of the endings for both Kirino and Kuroneko's routes. I struggled a bit at the beginning but once I figured out the information that I share with you in the video, I was able to enjoy playing the game very much.

My motivation has waned a bit now that I've completed a couple of routes but I'll go ahead and get at least another route or two. I may post a video review and/or a review on Playongo at some point soon.


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