Panel on Fan Localization at Bakuretsu Con

So apparently I am giving a panel on fan localization aka. translation hacking/rom hacking at Bakuretsu Con, an anime convention at the Hampton Inn in Colchester VT, Oct 20-23rd. It's going to be at 11pm-12am on Friday the 21st. I figure the time slot, subject, and the fact that it conflicts with the hentai showing means there will basically be no audience, but that's fine by me. :) I encourage anyone in the area to come on by and cheer me on! Seems like it should be a good time.

I'm finally taking a weekend to just relax and play video games. It feels like I haven't gamed in like 6 months. I played the first "phase" of Suzumiya Haruhi no Tsuisou (涼宮ハルヒの追想) on the PS3. After playing for around 8 hours today I was about ready to have a really negative impression of the game as it seemed to be wrapping up with little content and a disappointing story arc. That is, until I realized that I still have about 90% of the game to play. :P Seriously, that 8 hrs was probably about 10% of the content in the game. I'm maintaining faith that it delivers on what the above PV promises. Not to mention I played a mean game of Asahina breakout afterward. It looks like this one will take me a few weeks but I'm pretty excited now that I've gotten the ball rolling.

Now I recommend watching children's reactions to Hatsune Miku in concert. They are given zero context and react accordingly but it's quite entertaining.

In case anyone else has zero context, the vocaloid software from Yamaha and others is used by many talented and excellent musicians to create fully synthesized vocals for their songs. Below is a new one from my favorite vocaloid user Shu-t (the vocaloid is Meiko).


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