From Wikipedia: "The term nostalgia describes a yearning for the past, often in idealized form." This is how the song By Yourself, the opening theme for the recently re-released 10 episode Dirty Pair OAV series makes me feel.

Ditto for this tune from the original Bubblegum Crisis. Can you tell I'm listening to anime music?


Too true. :)

Too true. :)

I really appreciate your

I really appreciate your interest in playing Slayers. It's a cool game that we put a lot of work into. What you are asking for is definitely illegal. We do not distribute translations with rom images. This is not how romhackers/fan translators distribute their work, nor how they want it to be distributed. If you're having trouble with applying the patch I will say there is a 99.999999% chance that the rom image you are using is different from the one that the original patch was made from, like it has a header, or it's pre patched with a trainer or something. Try a different rom. I hope you find one that works for you. You can find more info on requirements of the rom in the readme file included with the translation patch or on Dynamic Designs' forum.

I appreciate your patience

I appreciate your patience and interest but it's really out of my hands. I was pretty excited about the project myself when I started and it seemed like the split translations duties were completed pretty quickly including my own. However, it's all in Disnes' hands now. It's been years and years and I've followed up with him and Satsu now and then but I guess I've basically moved on. I'm hoping to see it come out sometime too but for now I'm just waiting. I'm not really interested in following up with the two of them any further on it. I figure if it comes out it comes out. Here's hoping. :)

Feedback on Energy Breaker

Feedback on Energy Breaker please. been waiting for it for the longest time.:)

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Help with Slayers from SNES/FAMICOM, please!!!

Hi, please, someone could send me the translated Slayers from SNES/FAMICOM english(already patched) rom? For some reason I CAN'T make it work! After I patch it, it can't be played! I already tried it on Zsnes and Snes9x, using IPSWIN 2.0. The game stay with a black screen and I can't do anything. Please, I want to play this so much =[ I already spent 2 hours trying to make it work. I'm really sorry for asking for this here, but I couldn't find another way to ask(I can't find an E-MAIL or something to make contact with the translators). Please! =[

Very grateful. Regards.

Music has a way to put us

Music has a way to put us into a state of nostalgia! I often get that feeling.

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I just popped by Satsu's page and the same question there got the same response I would have given. Script is done, just waiting on Disnes. I don't know if the email here works: but maybe if we all gang up on him he'll find the will to finish.

Any news on EB?

Hey there,

I was just wondering if you have any news/updates regarding Energy Breaker? Has this project been abandoned by Disnesquick? It's been a long time since anyone has heard of anything new from the project. Thanks and cheers!


I've just sent you an email. Hope you can answer that :)

Ack, forgot about the game.

Ack, forgot about the game. No I have not gotten Tales of Graces. I never really got into the Tales games, though I watched one of my friends play a bunch of Vesperia I think which seemed pretty cool. The characters and voice acting seemed quite good. Anything about Graces that stands out for you in particular?

At any rate, I'm still looking forward to playing some more of Final Fantasy XIII-2 on PS3, and other than that probably PC-FX games or other retro or backlog stuff.

I am doing well thank you. I

I am doing well thank you. I just went to PAX East and Anime Boston, albeit in abbreviated form, this past weekend. Good time.

Projects are coming along well. I finished up the script on 4th Unit to the best of my knowledge. I'm putting a page together for Esperknight's and my projects where you should be able to see better at a glance what he and I are working on at any particular moment.

No news on Gunnm MM yet but thanks for checking in. :) With 4th Unit down I'm feeling a lingering sense of accomplishment which will certainly buoy me on future projects. Still planning to pick away at WtPC2 and AMG until they are complete but I may start to work Gunnm in there sometime soon.


Hello matt ! how are you ? I hope you're doing well

how are your projects coming ? :)
just wanted to drop by and say hello :p

oh by the way , any news on Gunnm: Martian Memories ? ^^ no matter how much time passes I will still want to play this game in english to understand it :P and you're my only gleaming light of hope xD

By the way , did you get Tales of Graces f for ps3 ? its really good !

Well , talk to you later :)


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