Collecting Dreamcast Games

So I'm collecting games a bit again. I had a 2/3rds of a US Dreamcast collection started, plus a Japanese game or two. I've been adding US games for a little while now and I just started grabbing some Japanese titles. Below is a video I made about some recent Dreamcast pick-ups.

I've been vlogging a little on YouTube but I haven't been posting the videos here. I'll probably post ones that I like here. If you're interested in the others just check out my channel on YouTube.

Now that I'm grabbing some more games I've been playing some of them and some of the ones I have kicking around already. I tried out Bistro Cupid on the Xbox last night. Seems like a pretty cool game. I didn't realize that in addition to the restaurant simulation elements there are also RPG style battles (you use your recipes like spells).

I played some of one of the Love Hina games for Dreamcast last night. Pretty fun. I'll probably play some more of it this weekend. I may review one of these games that catches my attention here soon.

EDIT: New one.


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