More Awesome Vocaloid

I got looking for new Vocaloid songs. This time I noticed that Amazon actually has some on their MP3 downloads so I can make use of their cloud storage. I found two great new artists, AVtechNO! and Caz, in addition to some stuff by my faves like Shu-t, and The Dixie Flatline.

AVtechNO! - Plus

Holy crap. How can a Vocaloid sound heartfelt? This is how I guess.

AVtechNO! - Minus

This sounds like Miku singing old Trent Reznor. Awesome.

Caz - Foolish"13"People

This guy/group is amazing. Heavy metal with growling vocaloid effect. Favors Megurine Luka who works well for this, but also has songs with Miku and others. Really great music.


Thanks! I like to share fun

Thanks! I like to share fun vocaloid stuff when I find it. I hope more people listen to it!

What a cool collection of

What a cool collection of songs. I was also in search of these songs. I had heard Caz before but at that time I did not know the name of the artist.

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