Slayers P98 Script Finished!

I know, it's been forever. I actually have some translation related news, but I have to go on about some vocaloid stuff first of course.

This is totally awesome. I listened to this ZONE song on it's own back when it was contemporary so I was particularly moved when they used it as the ending theme for Anohana. Of course someone did a vocaloid cover and it came out great. Surprisingly good since the song kind of relies on the blending of gentle vocals, you'd think it would be tough to capture with vocaloid but this really nails it. Very beautiful.

Ok so the script is done for Slayers on PC98. Yay! Big thanks to Eien ni Hen who completed this huge task. She says "Slayers PC-98 will go down in history as the game so difficult to translate that I treated myself to a pedicure after completing it." So be sure to give her a big thank you.

I've also finally started doing some work on projects again. I'm actually a little over 10% done now on Aretha I for the SFC. I promised DD I'd translate this script after taking a year or two off which I literally did, and now I'm following through on my promise. Not that far along yet obviously but hopefully progress will be brisk!

I haven't done a lot on other projects but I have been poking at the scripts for a few things like AMG, WtPC2, and even Battle Angel. Yes, that's right. Not much for progress yet but I'll try to keep folks updated as things happen. I'm still shooting to get these WIPs finished up and of course uphold my promise to DD as I enjoy working with them. I'll update my projects page with the info I've posted here at some point.

I crap, I almost forgot. I saw a tweet from Satsu about Energy Breaker! Seriously after all this time it looks like there might be some movement on that. I think some new screenshots? Also there is something that says "Download: Coming Soon!" I don't know how excited one should get over this but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


No judgements from me. I know

No judgements from me. I know exactly what you mean. I'm getting better and better at reading Japanese but writing it is a whole different story.

Sorry I haven't replied to

Sorry I haven't replied to this for so long. I'm actually not much of a hacker myself, at the moment anyway. I typically so more of the translation as I normally get stuck around the pointers issue myself. :P You might want to track down Tomaitheous. He helped me out with Bubblegum Crash and I have it on good authority that he's as knowledgeable as they get about the PCE.

Check my BGC page in my projects. There's a link to his page under the staff section. You can always check RHDN too but who knows, things don't always get documented such that they are easy to learn from there. Such is life. :P

Info about TG16 roms

Hey Matt, I'm asking about some info on TG16 roms and I was wondering if I was right in my asumption that they are more similar to Nes roms than Snes roms. I am currently working on Jaseiken Necromancer. I have always wanted to play that and understand so as a result I am not only the hacker I am also the translator. In fact, that's the main I took up Japanese, amazing language!

Anyway, I already have translated a few parts of the game to english like the status screen and stuff like that. Right now I am wrestling around with the pointer tables. I need more text space!!!

The point I am getting to is since I see you have experience with TG16 roms I was wondering if you had any pointers for me or documentation I could look at on the subject. Not just about pointers mind you but anything you got or how you went about figuring out how TG 16 roms differ from Nes and Snes roms, Most of the stuff I have seen is either target at NES, Snes and the newer consoles.

Oh you're right, well i

Oh you're right, well i always wrote little "stupid mistakes" like two or three years back in highschool.

My first language is spanish and i don't have problem reading english but write it's another story.

Thanks for posting a comment

Thanks for posting a comment to my blog! Your words of thanks mean a lot to me, especially if you've been visiting my site for a while. Hopefully there will be some more completed projects soon.

Your English sounds good! "I'm here to wish you luck" sounds more natural than "for". Also "I haven't practiced English for a long time" rather than "I don't practice". Don't know if you're looking for feedback but I hope it helps.

Hi Matt, I'm from Chile and

Hi Matt, I'm from Chile and i've followed this blog for a long time(2010 maybe... i don't remember). I'm here for wish you luck in all your projects.

I've played Pia carrot, Ace of Spades, Slayers(sfc) and i enjoy your work thanks.

PD: I don't practice English for a long time... so probably i have grammar mistakes sorry xD.

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