Miho Nakayama's Tokimeki High School & TM Network - Live in Power Bowl English Patches Released!

After a long 5 years, FCandChill and I present the unofficial English language translation patch for Miho Nakayama's Tokimeki High School!

I was introduced to Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki High School in episode 25 of Chrontendo, a video series by "Dr. Sparkle" attempting to showcase all Famicom/NES/FDS games in chronological order. Described as a proto-dating-sim, and featuring the talents of such gaming legends as Gunpei Yokoi, Hironobu Sakaguchi, and Nobuo Uematsu, I was instantly fascinated with the idea of the game.

You play a young man who transfers to a new high school where the up-and-coming idol, Miho Nakayama, attends covertly as a regular teenager. Navigate this romantic adventure game and try to date the girl of your dreams!

Many thanks to TheMajinZenki, Graphicus, Pennywise, Eien Ni Hen, and Tom for helping bring this project to completion.

Also released is the unofficial English language translation patch for TM Network: Live in Power Bowl! Another Japanese adventure game, this one sees you thrown backward in time after a strategic defense satellite goes berserk and detonates nuclear weapons all across the world. Work with the members of the pop/rock band TM Network to thwart the satellite malfunction and return you to your original time period.

Pennywise did the hacking on this Famicom game. Big thanks to SnowyAria, Ryusui, and Graphicus for additional help getting this project finished and released!

Lastly, I failed to mention that 4lorn/Diogo Ribeiro, David Shadoff, and I released an unofficial English language translation patch for Wonder Momo in October of last year. Additionally, Cabbage, 4lorn/Diogo Ribeiro, and I released an unofficial English language translation patch for Honey in the Sky in April of this year.


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