City Adventure Touch English Language Translation Patch Released!

Approximately two weeks ago, Supper and I released an English language translation patch for City Adventure Touch: Mystery of Triangle. The story of how this project came about is somewhat winding.

For starters, an anonymous user posted to this very blog on 07/25/2017 asking if I'd ever checked out City Adventure Touch. I took a look at the game, and being that it seemed so absurd, an action-adventure game using a license for the baseball manga "Touch", I had to try dumping a script.

By the 27th, a couple days later, I'd fully translated the script. I posted this to RHDN's forum, in a thread about translating games for the Famicom from 1987, hoping that some of the folks frequenting this thread might decide to use the script to make a completed translation patch.

On February 2nd, having not heard anything more via the previous thread, I decided to post a help wanted ad on RHDN for the project. Partner in crime, Supper, responded and made some quick progress on inserting the script and editing the game to facilitate displaying the English text.

A response on the request for technical help with City Adventure Touch: Mystery of Triangle by Digitsie informed us that they'd previously found someone to translate the script for KingMike, and had only just passed the translated script to them.

Following up on this, Supper and I found that KingMike was at least still interested in working on the project, and after some discussion, we decided to each proceed on our projects, rather than letting our individual work go to waste, so-to-speak. This is not an uncommon occurrence when working on translation projects, but it's unusual for such an obscure, and seemingly unpopular game as City Adventure Touch.

Suffice to say, Supper finished work on editing and testing the English version, and we released the patch publicly on February 12th, 2018. You may visit my English language video game Translation Projects Page or RHDN's project page for the fully-playable English language translation patch for City Adventure Touch on the Nintendo Famicom.


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