Apparently Final Fantasy XIV will not be coming out on the PS3 until early next year, currently scheduled for March. :( Now I have to wait, or upgrade my PC. I'm going to have to see how my patience is at the time and how my finances are. I really don't want to buy a $300 video card just to play FFXIV and possibly have to upgrade my CPU/MoB/RAM as well. I hate spending that much to play a game I'll be spending a monthly fee to play anyway, esp. when I have hardware that should be able to play it just fine a half year later. Ahrrrrg!

My roommate will probably be getting it for PC so I'll at least be able to check it out and make a decision then.


"The textures are a quarter

"The textures are a quarter the size, and the resolution halved, but you won’t really notice."

Lol, this sounds really bad like they are trying to brush it under the carpet. However, I'll point back to previous comment and say that while that sounds pretty bad, they are probably right. It's like those screenshots of the Xbox version vs. the PS3 versions of games. Sometimes one wins, sometimes the other. Normally you can see a difference, but when you're playing the game on your tv without a screenshot right next to it to compare it isn't really an issue. I bet it will look fine on PS3, but I guess time will tell. I still wish they had done a better job of the port in any case. :P

Sorry for taking so long to

Sorry for taking so long to reply. Well, this is hardly a reliable source of news, but here's the article:

Just take a look at the image to get a feel of what the PS3 version will look like.

We also have to take into consideration that, during this extra development time, things might change for the better, although I doubt it.


Do you have a source article about the graphical downgrade? It doesn't surprise me that they PS3 may have to sacrifice a little in graphics, but sometimes the graphical "high end" of a PC game is not all it's cracked up to be. By the time I'm able to have a system that runs an older game on high specs I usually look at it and go "Did that really make much difference?". It's like you turn shadows to high and your performance drops by 20% but all you have to show for it is the shadow cast by your main character." :P The graphical "dazzle" isn't always proportional to the processing power. Taking that into consideration, a graphical downgrade may not be as bad as it sounds. The 6 months still sounds pretty bad though. :( I'm hoping that Dead Rising 2 will tide me over.

I agree about the dev thing. I keep thinking back to E3 before the PS3 came out and the guys that made Unreal I think, were going on about how easy the PS3 was to develop for. Sony said that dev tools were out there and everyone loved them. Flash forward 4 years and someone isn't telling the truth. I just don't know if it's Sony or the developers. Or, maybe they were telling the truth, just politics or money has gotten in the way of developers actually developing for the PS3.

There's also going to be some

There's also going to be some sort of graphical downgrade on the PS3 version, according to the devs. Looks like Squeenix is taking the easy way out yet again!

The console is almost four years old, and devs still think they can get away with excuses like "we don't know how to work with the hardware". Oh well...

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