Additional info on Translation Project Pages

I updated my translation project pages recently. I added staff sections. I've always thought of my projects page as a place to list stuff I worked on but I realized that many of the projects are only featured on my page and RHDN so I should treat them a little more like the "official" project listing and make sure to credit all those involved.

I also added a big, possibly slightly obnoxious download link at the tops of the pages so folks don't need to hunt through the pages to find them. If people come here to get translation patches they shouldn't have to work for it.

Lastly I've added YouTube videos to most of the listings. They sometimes feature the translation patch but where I couldn't find a video of someone playing the patch it simply features the original Japanese gameplay.

I wanted to hear Computer City at work the other day so I did a search on YouTube and found out about Miku Miku Dance. Apparently it's a program for choreographing dances with Hatsune Miku. It's rather nice looking. Here is a really cool version of Computer City featuring 3 dancing Mikus rather than the members of Perfume. The song is the original, not a Miku version.


I got your message

I got your message on RHDN and replied. As for sending a message here did you use "Room Service"? I logged out and gave it a try and it seemed to work fine. I still have an old address at the bottom of the page but that should work fine too as long as you swap out the "at" with an @ symbol. Gotta try to have something in there to thwart the spam harvesters.

Sorry to be off-topic here

I just tried to email you this morning, but something prevents me from sending you anything, repeatedly asking that I verify my username and password. I tried copying your address to a regular email, and when I finished, it flat-out told me right away that the email didn't go through. So, I instead sent you a PM through the message board.

Is there any particular reason why I'm unable to send emails to you?


I'm not sure if this is the one you are referring to but we are working on another Slayers game, this one here:

I would also consider doing others. From what' I've played I'd probably skip Slayers Wonderful and go right to Slayers Royal on the PSX. In fact I subtitled the opening movie for it a few years back.

Not making any promises but I'm keeping it in mind so please check back periodically. Also please look forward to the Slayers for PC98 translation. That one is a possibility for this year.

About Slayer

Hi guy, sorry for disturbing you.

I know you are working hard on lots of projects right now.

But I'd like to ask you, I've seen you've made a great work on Slayers RPG,

So I was wondering, would you work on another Slayer game someday?

Or there's no chance?

well, whatever thanks for you efforts.

See ya!

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