July 2010


So it may be a little early but since I canceled my Gamefly and I've cooled off on my Playongo site for a little while, I've started playing Resident Evil again. I'm practicing an efficient "speed run" style playthrough of the first game. I'd like to see if I can get good enough to finish the game in under 2hrs consistently. I figure I have a few months until the end of Oct. I'd like to do a Resident Evil marathon again and actually be able to get through the games efficiently this time.


Apparently Final Fantasy XIV will not be coming out on the PS3 until early next year, currently scheduled for March. :( Now I have to wait, or upgrade my PC. I'm going to have to see how my patience is at the time and how my finances are. I really don't want to buy a $300 video card just to play FFXIV and possibly have to upgrade my CPU/MoB/RAM as well. I hate spending that much to play a game I'll be spending a monthly fee to play anyway, esp.

Final Fantasy XIV Available for Pre-order

Apparently FFXIV really does have a release date, at least the special edition for PC. Though there is some disagreement between gamespot and amazon as to whether it's Sept.