September 2010

Awesome Vocaloid Music is Awesome

I noticed that Japanfiles seems to have lost all their Vocaloid stuff. I don't know if it's temporary or what, but it got me wondering if there might be anything on iTunes. Lo and behold there is actually a decent amount, in the US store nonetheless. I ended up getting a shu-t album I'd never seen called "In The Box". It's freakin' nuts. shu-t is seriously a fantastic musician. Takes Vocaloid to the level of professional music. It's only like $6 too. You need to check it out.

Finally Able to Install Latest Patches for FFXIV

When the new patch for FFXIV open beta was released yesterday I was unable to get the patch. I kept getting the same two errors from the other day. To combat this I uninstalled the beta which previously "re-triggered" the updating process. Of course this time it uninstalled the whole game, unfortunately an hours long process to reinstall and a days long process to download. Here was my solution:

FFXIV Open Beta Graphics Settings

So I think I've settled on settings that I'm more-or-less happy with. This is what I'm running right now:

FFXIV Open Beta Errors 11028 and 11014

So I've been downloading the beta client for about 36hrs. Last night I estimated that it would be done around 6am. At 5am I was awoken by my PC restarting. When I got up it looked like it had crashed. I tried firing up the beta client and I get 1 of the following 2 errors:

Madou Monogatari Update, FFXIV Open Beta Registration Tonight!

Stephen Seehorn just emailed me the other day with a revised English language patch for Madou Monogatari for the Sega Game Gear. This patch addresses all the know bugs from the bug report thread and is confirmed 100% working to the ending, minus only the ending credits. It's possible we may polish the script a bit in the future, but we are considering this a complete patch. Enjoy!