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Alright, these colors are god awful. I just didn't have the motivation to mess around with them any more. I think I can salvage it is I just make the blog and links backgrouns a nice light blue, but it may look sort of bland. :p I'll keep working on it. In the mean time I am driving myself crazy trying to hack another rom, and avoid the heat somehow. I had to sleep on the floor last night under the window with a fan in it because it was the only place that was cool. >_<


I have a lot of updates I'd like to do. I have some photos of Japan that I took that I want to put in a photo gallery. I also want to update the links, add some screenshots for my Slayers patch, add some streaming tunes, and maybe change the colors for a little variety. It has been hot and humid for that past few days, not that that is unusual for much of the world, but it's uncommon in Vermont, even during the summer. Uhg. :P I was working on ROM hacking a bit again, in addition to translating. I am trying to insert a font into the Maison Ikkoku game for the PCE and make a kanji and kana table, and hopefully dump the script. Nothing serious but I'd like to see if I can do it now.


K. I'm not doing the rail pass. If I can't keep myself occupied in Tokyo then I don't know where else I could. ^_^ I played a lot of PSO last night. I tried to beat Ruins on "very hard" with a level 51 character but Dark Falls is still a little too much for me to handle. I found another Dragon Slayer (dropped by one of those missle guys on mines) and last night I got a Phonton Drop and Last Survivor. Unfortunately, Last Survivor seems to be completely overshadowed by Dragon Slayer, but it looks cool as hell. Sort of like a really large version of the damascus blades gally has in Gunnum, or just a really cool survival knife. It is a little frustrating not being able to play an online game online. I may get the modem adapter and start playing a bit. Not before I go to Japan though... ^_^


I am drooling over games systems right now. *_* I really want to grab some old console systems since I have found a really great web site that carries rare stuff. I will be in Japan in less than two months though, so I am trying to be good until then and save some money for Akihabara. ^_^ I am trying to decide if I want a Japan Rail Pass or not. It's great because you can ride any train for free including Shinkansen, but I don't know if I will be traveling enough for it to be worth it. :P I could just as easily stick to Tokyo and probably have just as good a time. Blarg...what to do?! >_<


An apology for those of you visiting my gallery. I have not updated in a while 1. becasue I haven't been drawing much recently and 2. becasue I am converting the news there to a blog also, I have just been very lazy about it. Also there is not much going on. I am busy with work and my apartment and translating. I can't wait to finish the translation, but I hope I can cool down on it enough to really confirm some of the uncertain parts and research anything I need to to make it as accurate as possible. I may need to just take a break for a week after I am done with phase 1 before moving to phase 2. I got a PSX emulator working the other day so I could check out Slayers Wonderful and Slayers Royale 2. I am still having some trouble with the controls on some games so I may need to mess around with the controller plugin more. I wish I wasn't tired but I am, so I am going to bed now.


K. I'm not so depressed today. ^_^; I have been finding many cool an interesting things on the net recently. Check out howstuffworks.com . They have a fabtabulous section on computers and how technology WILL work, with stuff like nanotech and digital ink. I learned a lot about binary (counting and math) and how CPUs work in relation to Assembly and higher level programming languages. Why didn't anyone teach me that stuff in high school? I feel tremeously deprived (note that I feel that way regarding my entire education saving a few experiences.) futurist.com is another cool site.

Things are going well with my comic (though not very quickly), and with my translation as well. BTW: I found a cool site called
animemusicvideos.com where they will host any AMVs for free! I uploaded two of mine (a third didn't seem to upload properly). Anyone who wants to check them out should go there. It is free to download as much as you want. I'm not completely looking forward to this weekend, but I am glad it is here.


This whole life thing is pretty much sucking right now. It's amazing how small the degree of stumulus I need to feel completely crappy really is. I think the only thing that makes me feel any enjoyment is playing videogames since they are such a great escape. I think the psycology of videogames must be pretty interesting, like what someone gets from the experience of playing a specific game and why they enjoy it. I don't think I want to think about that too much though.


OMFG! I am watching Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu right now, and it is really really weird. In a good way. It is about this kid who lives in a carefree jungle village with his mom who is a lush and adopts this cute girl who turns out to be weird and scary and proably an alien. I have the first 3 episodes and 5-6, I just need to get ep 4 before I can watch them. Getting al 26 my be a challenge but hopefully it won't take too long. Haven't been playing Icewind Dale much, mostly just translating on the script and getting my emulators and such running again. I configured Zsnes and MagicEngine for my new game pads (Saitek dual analogs) and they work really slick. I am very pleased. I wish I had a damn place for my 12-odd games systems (and counting). I need to get a shelf of something, so for now they are in a pile on my floor. :( I also need to get cracking on my hentai doujinshi before it is too late. Once I hook up my tablet again, I think I am just going to work it over in black and white. I have been playing around with making line drawings form photographs which is really fun and cool. I don't know if I will incorperate this in the comic or not, but probably. I'll try to post some teasers or maybe the whole thing before I leave (June 13th!). ^_^


Hello world. I was reading Tomato's web log (www.dejap.com) and it made me feel like rom hacking is a really cool thing. I really don't feel like anything that I do is a very cool thing, but that is probably because I am just really negative. The translation is coming along nicely and should be more or less complete this month. The dialog seems to be split up between towns mostly. I am working on Seryuun City right now I think. There seems to be interest from RPGone for doing another project if this one goes well, so keep an eye out. I am thinking of a few other things that I would really like to translate. NOTE: This is not an invitation to make requests of me! If I want your opinion I will ask.

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