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I forgot to mention I saw the DOOM movie last weekend. My expectations were low but it turned out to be a lot better than I was expecting. I was really pleasently surprised. As far as a video-game-to-movie translation it was far superior to the first Resident Evil movie, and at least as good if not better than the second. Not to mislead anyone, it's based directly off of Doom 3, and does not follow the story exactly (at least to the extent of my knowledge of the original story which is limited). I have played a fair share of Doom 3 though, and the sets really nail the visuals exactly. As far as a sci-fi action movie, it was pretty good. Not anything compared to Alien, or Aliens, to which it owes a lot, but there was more character development than I was expecting. The humor and action was passable and the sci-fi element was a little more developed than I was anticipating. Where the movie really shines however is in the last 15-20 minutes where it takes itself less seriously and throws in a couple of clever and surprising moments. As a person who has seen a lot of movies, I found this to be tremendoulsy entertaining, and a testament to the ability of the movie makers to understand the kind of movie they were making, and the audience who is watching it. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes Doom, or silly but clever sci-fi action.


The last couple of days have been hellish. I can't wait for the weekend. :P Work has sucked. I had to drive home in a snow storm the other night. We got maybe 8-10 inches of snow, several of which accumulated. Power has been out in many towns. People keep coming in to buy kerosene heaters and phones that work without power. I feel bad for them, esp. since the store I work at is out of all that stuff now. Welcome to Vermont. :( Thankfully I have power.

I've been playing some Final Fantasy Tactics. I picked it up again for the Playstation and started playing it. I played it in the past but I never beat it before. It's a game I have fond memories of playing, and I wanted to relive those memories and to take a stab at beating the game again. It's a very deep combat system that invites one to play the same battle over and over again to try out different strategies or combinations of characters. I have been making liberal use of the "auto-battle" feature to learn new tactics and to pass easy battles. My characters are myself (Matt), Teta, Stone, Eltania, Swan, and Saki. They are currently a thief, monk, knight, black mage, priest, and archer respectively. I didn't used to cast myself as a character in RPGs, prefering to "role-play" a different name, but I've sort of picked up the habit from my friends.


Its been a shawty while since mah last pizzay. Im gang bangin' tha first book of tha Wheel of Time, called tha Eye of tha World. Ya fuck with us, we gots to fuck you up. Im not bliznown away by tha writ'n style, but tha story is enjoyable fo gettin yo pimp on. Im frontin' a lot of PC-FX again fo my bling bling. Ive gotten pretty far in Tenchi Mizzle FX. The Japanese is eazy enough ta understand, n its usually bizzoth spoken n written which helps keep'n it real yo. My Japanese has bizzy rhymin' a bit of a workout in FFXI chillin' wit Japanese gangsta though sometizzles tha results is laughable . Snoop heffner mixed with a little bit of doggy flint. Its stizzay fun.

Gangsta translation courtesy of Gizoogle. ^_~

I've been thinking about life a little. An interesting thread came up on RPGone's message board about Asperger's Syndrome. I read a book on it that my dad lent me, and whether I can be diagnosed with it specifically, I feel like it has given me some important tools for thinking about myself and my actions. I don't want to sound too self-pitying but sometimes I really hate myself. When I realize that there may be good reasons that I misunderstand people, and am misunderstood in return, it makes me feel a little better. I have a lot of trouble taking it easy on myself. It's good to find tools that make it easier to understand myself. It's frustrating to see people around me doing things with seeming ease that I have trouble with, and it's easy to blame myself. I may have special challenges that those people don't, and looking at it that way, it's easier to be a little more forgiving of myself.


OMG! An update! I've been hermit-like in my seclusion whilst playing FFXI and working my ass raw. In the mean time, I've been busy making MASSIVE UPDATES to my sites! The first of which is my projects page which has been updated with a plea for technical help with Lady Sword and additional begging for help with projects on a completely updated Most Wanted Projects section.

Also the PSX anime list has gotten major updates. Added games, Legend of Himiko, and Legend of Galactic Heroes. Added magazine articles/reviews for Battle Athletess - Super Athletics Meet Alternative, Neon Genesis Evangelion - Eva and Close Friends, Galaxy Fraulein Yuna - Final Edition, Serial Expereiments Lain, and Legend of Himiko. Also added ad scans for Neon Genesis Evangelion - Eva and Close Friends, and Legend of Galactic Heroes. There will be further major updates to this site when I return from my trip to Japan in January so keep an eye on it.

And on the topic of updates, David Michel has posted a short compatablilty list for the forthcoming PC-FX emulator Magic Engine FX. He also lists % completion for the emulator.

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