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I made a small update to my Ranma 1/2 Chougiranbuhen page. Added a Japanese and translated character description for Genma and I added the Japanese description for Male Ranma. I also added the color coding for special moves to the key and made a note that Japanese moves and character descriptions are still under construction.


I just found what has to be the coolest thing ever! A high quality home-brew version of Streets of Rage, using sprites from King of Fighters! This game looks awesome. Apparently playable on PC, Dreamcast or PS2! You can find out more about it here:


BTW: Cannibalisim is also known as Anthropophy.


I wanted to mention, Sabre updated his site about the Akazukin Cha Cha translation for the PC-FX! Very cool! Check it out here: uk.geocities.com/sabre470/index.htm.

I just noticed that GameFAQs is having a game competition and they are taking submissions for best games. These were my nominations:

PlayStation - Resident Evil 2
Genesis - Might and Magic 2 Gates to Another World
Saturn - Dragon Force
Sega CD - Lunar the Silver Star Story
Nintendo 64 - Conker's Bad Fur Day
NES - Golgo 13 Top Secret Episode
Super Nintendo - Ranma 1/2 Chougiranbuhen
Jaguar - Aliens v.s. Predator
PC-FX - Welcome to Pia Carrot (Pia Carrot e Youkoso)
Apple II - Journey
Dreamcast - Illbleed
PlayStation2 - Monster Rancher 3
Gamecube - Phantasy Star online Episode 1/2

I'm sure that many people would disagree with some of my nominations, but I picked all the games that I have liked the most on the various systems. Some choices were hard, like the Playstation and the Dreamcast. There are a lot of good games and it's tough to decide. I'm still debating between Halo and DOA Beach Volleyball on the Xbox.


Well, not much luck with the PC-FX games. I found some utilites for working with the MIX video files, but nothing for extracting them from the CD, at least not that I could figure out. And though I can back them up, it doesn't look like PC-FX CDs are browsable on the computer. Sigh... I know someone out there has done this before. Anyway, I acctually played some FFXI again this weekend. I helped a friend beat the dragon for rank 3.


Getting ready for the weekend. I'm pretty bored to tell you the truth. Not that I really want anything to do, just for the day to end so I can go home. :P I'm looking forward to doing some geeky game related things, not the least of which is finally trying to rip some video from PC-FX games. I read on www.magicengine.com in a response David Michel made to sabre that reinserting subttitled video into a game may not be as easy as just sticking it back in, due to possible changes in the size of the file. I'm interested to see how this might work. Aside from that I'm not making any big promises to myself. One of my good friends, Morgan, will be back in the area for the weekend, so I'll probably be hanging out with him and some other friends a bit. I fed this cat that always hangs around my apartment building last night. I can't really tell if it's my neighbor's cat or if it's a stray, I guess I finally started to feel sory for it.


Hey, I just realized my birthday is coming up! ^_^ So I'm going to take the day off...on my birthday that is. That will be much nicer than being at work going "I should have taken the day off.....".


Wow. It's kind of frightening how simmilar this weekend was to last. ^_^; I had a relaxing long weekend though, aside from being called in to work for 3 hours on Saturday. :P I did more organizing and burning stuff off of my computer. I am finally sort of organized enough that I can start downloading some new stuff and doing some things that I've wanted to do. I watched some naruto again with some friends that hadn't seen the end of the prelimiary battles yet. I still love the fight with Rock Lee. I played Vay on the Sega CD for pretty much an entire day. It's not quite as gripping as Lunar right off, but it's got a simmilar style and sense of humor. You can tell it's Working Designs, it's pretty entertaining. I translated a little more of Zoid Saga too. Now it's back to work, but its a short week so I'm looking forward to more of the same next weekend already.


I had a pretty good weekend. Not much to write about recently. I've been translating a bit and playing FFXi as usual. I did some cooking and cleaning and lots of burning video files to DVDs. I was taking files I had on CD and burning them to a data DVD, a ratio of 7 or 8-1. ^_^ I now have a binder with a lot of free space in it.

I was playing my Sega CD a little bit. I had not really set it up in a long time. I played the first stage of Sol Feace and checked out a couple of games I had not tried out. I still have a lot of organizing and reorganizing to do with games.



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