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I've switched over to listening to Kotoko again for a while. It's finally starting to feel like summer here although it was below 30F last night. I was enjoying listening to this song (among others) while driving in the car with my windows down today.

As usual please ignore the video. It's something someone put together of clips from other PVs of her's and it doesn't add anything to the song which is beautiful on it's own.

I was moved the last of the things out of my old apartment today and cleaned it in preparation for turning it back in to the landlord. It felt very good to be out completely and to be done walking up and down two flights of stairs repeatedly. :) I'm really exhausted but I'm doing some billable work so I can kind of book-end the closing of the door (literally) on this chapter of my life with some productive work that helps others as well.


Haven't posted in quite a while. I've been listening to Yousei Teikoku pretty much exclusively for at least a week now. At one point I was really interested in finding some more music that sounds a bit like the stuff from the Vampire Princess Miyu soundtrack and I realized that Yousei Teikoku's slower, lullaby sounding stuff is exactly what I was looking for.

Just ignore the ridiculous image from Fullmetal Panic, it has no relation whatsoever.

I'd love to hear a whole album like that, but I like their harder stuff to so a mix like they seem to be doing is fine with me. Speaking of music, Staic X has a new album out that I still haven't listened to. I'll have to grab that off of Amazon's downloads or something.

Things have been going really well. That may have something to do with why I haven't posted in a while. Nothing to bitch about. ;) I'm saving up for a new used car and getting better with my web skills and trying to figure out what I want to do about personal websites like the PSX Anime List, etc...

I've been importing some Japanese PS3 games that I think I'll be reviewing very soon. I grabbed the Megazone 23 game and I have Tears to Tiara on the way. I'm pretty excited about the PS3 as an import platform with it outselling the 360 by such a large margin in Japan, and the fact that it's doing better in Europe as well.

Speaking of which I FINALLY got a replacement for my Xbox 360! I ended up having to send mine back and they sent me a refurb as a replacement. Not exactly what I was asking for or what I feel like I was entitled to after waiting 275 days for some kind of resolution, but I'll take it just to be done with it. They've still lost a customer permanently. I traded the system imediately to a friend for an LCD monitor. However, I feel like my time was slightly less wasted in fighting to get them to honor the warranty, and I suppose the fact that they finally did so reestablishes some minor amount of credibility on their part. I may not spit on Steve Ballmer if I see him in public now. :)

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