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I'm such a geek. I just spent the entire afternoon with one of my friends playing Mage Knight at our "local" (as in within an hours drive) miniatures/hobby shop. I spent the previous portion of the day playing Warhammer: Dawn of War, which I am preparing to play against one of my friends this evening. :) (Update: Finished playing a sweeping 3 game victory.)

I don't think of myself as a wargamer per-se but I've always been interested in sci-fi/fantasy wargaming and apparently I'm only becoming more so as time goes on. I think it's the kind of hobby you can grow into even more as you get older.

I made some tasty burritos this evening, however, something struck me about them. They contained a portion of about $3.50 worth of ground beef, and also a portion of about $2.70 worth of pre-cut lettuce. I understand that I'm paying a bit for convenience of it being pre-cut (a head of lettuce is around $2.00), but when the price of the lettuce is approaching the price of the meat in my burrito it just seems a little off. I guess I'm just lucky to be getting lettuce in an area of the country that I'd have been eating nothing but self-canned green beans for the past 4 months at one point in history. :P


Happy birthday to me...Happy birthday to me... You can fill in the rest. :) It's actually not my birthday, that was a couple days ago but I'm just getting around to blogging now.

Yay, another year older. :P After a certain point you start to not look forward to birthdays as much. I had a nice weekend regardless. I went bowling with some friends, had a nice dinner cooked for me as well as a nice lunch, and played a lot of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War.

I basically hate RTSs but it's Warhammer so I'm letting it get away with it. I've played a few skirmishes and 2 player LAN battles as da orks which I'm enjoying even though I usually lose. I'm rather fond of orcs for some reason.

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