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This somehow reestablishes my faith in humanity. (or destroys it, I haven't quite decided yet)



Lol, this made me laugh. :D

He's one step away from this guy. No relation to me whatsoever. >_>


I just played some of the new Prince of Persia on the PS3 for the first time. I realized what it is. It's basically a cross between the Naruto game for 360 and Assassin's Creed. The character moves and environmental/item collecting are VERY similar to Naruto. The cell shaded look has just a touch of that cartoony-ness to it as well. Visually it's very well done however and succeeds in creating a unique look. I'm strangely compelled to collect all the light seeds or whatever ridiculous thing they are called and I've basically gotten used to the controls and environmental navigation. So far I'd say if you enjoyed the coin collecting and environment exploration elements of Naruto: Rise of a Ninja, you should check this out. I only hope it doesn't have tree hopping segments. :P


Some belated news, I had a simple but fun new years eve. Ended up playing a bunch of Rock Band with friends. However, I was also introduced to an X-Japan song via download that I'd never heard before! Did they get back together? Could there be a new album? After reading the wikipedia entry until I thought my head was going to explode, I determined that they had gotten back together in summer of '07 and recorded 2 new songs but other than that have just played some live shows here and there. It did remind me that I haven't been following Yoshiki at all these past few years. I liked the sound of a super group "SKIN" that includes Gackt and the guitarist from Luna Sea apparently. I'll have to find out what's come of that. All-in-all I was disappointed at the lack of additional new material but I'll keep my fingers crossed for now. 2008 did mark the 10th year without HIDE. I'll dedicate my playing of I.V. on new years eve to him, may he still rest in peace.

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