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I had a pretty good weekend. Maison Ikkoku is making a lot of progress. I have some work to do on it still, paring down some of the text and rematching the translation to a newly re-dumped script. I also translated more of Zoids Saga which is also going well. I did see as much progress as I was hoping, but it's one of those scripts that's not going to get very far in a weekend. Consistent effort is what is important.

I am lvl 14 now in Final Fantasy which is cool because I have Cure II! ^_^ We played with a group of people in the Maze in Tahrongi Canyon last night and probably got 2500 exp. or so. I only have about 500 exp left until next level.


In case anyone is wondering... I am working on several translation projects right now. Some of them won't be public (personal), but Zoids Saga is progressing. I'm still only a little way into it, but the script is very easy to translate aside from the formatting of the control codes. I don't expect it to take more than a month or two. I will also let slip that I am working on translating the manual for Maison Ikkoku! ^_^ It should be a great addition to and already great translation project. I am also finishing up the script for Valkyrie no Densetsu. It's actually a little challenging because of the terms used and the brevity of the sentences. I will hopefully be getting a little asisstance and be done with it soon though.

I also posted some more quotes to my random quotes. Refresh away!


Hi. I have not died. I am just busy, plus I have been playing a lot of FFXI. I have been translating a bit. I hope to continue my FFXI journal. Anyway, I might update more later.


I had a good time with FFXI last night. ^_^ I leveled up to 6 with my red mage and managed to stay there. I also got a bunch of items from monsters and had great luck finishing up 3 or 4 quests and selling items at auction. The only real downer was that I broke my fishing pole (again!). I can't wait to play tonight, because I think I will make a bunch more money. That and my friend that bailed on release day is thinking of starting up today also so that will be cool. I'll try to take some screen shots. I plan to do some other stuff this weekend aside from play, mostly translate a little Zoids Saga and some other personal projects, and write a bit.


I saw the 3rd Matrix last night. All I can say is, disapointing. Go ahead and see it, but the first two movies were soooo good, they deserved a deeper, more emotionally satisfying and less cheesy conclusion. I would have waited a couple years to see that.


Well I had some disappointment as well as some success last night. I was not having much luck with leveling up. I kept dieing in frustrating ways and dropped back down to lvl 5 with both my thief and red mage jobs. Blarg! I walked all the way to the something-or-other canyon to meet one of my friends, but I was confused or something because they weren't there so I had to wait for them to show up. Here is the picture.

When he got there we fought a sapling and then a yagudo kicked our asses. So I decided to just wander around town a bit more and see what I could find. I explored all of Windhurst Walls and found some cool things. I also finished up checking out Windhurst Waters. I was a able to complete a couple of quests. One was very easy, taking a note from the opastory to the central tower and back again. I got a map of the horatoto ruins. Then I had to give a teacher at the school a mandragora bud and a bird feather. He gave me something like 210 gil for them which was pretty good. I also found someone else willing to pay for mandragora stuff but I didn't get a chance to sell him any. Anyway, between that and the auctions I got enough money for some cool stuff. I got some sword that only red mages can use. I can't use it till level 9-10 though, but it seems pretty kick ass. I also bought a worm lure. I really do not understand why they go for like 1000 gil at auction when you can just buy one for around 500 from the fisherman's guild. I think people are pretty stupid on the auctions sometimes. :P Satisfied for the evening, I finished off by fishing for a while in Port Windhurst. Here I am at the end of the day.



Well, I didn't play a lot last night. Not too much interesting to report, I sold some more things at auction, I synthesized a grash cloth, fished a little, tried to cook a crayfish (I failed :P), went hunting for crawlers to finish a quest, but I only found one and it didn't drop the calculus I was looing for, and died. So I went to bed. ^_^


Ok so the rest of the evening. I spent some time walking around Windhurst Waters and getting some quests from NPCs (as well as fishing). I found a shop that sells hats and a hatter advertising a new design. I showed it off to just about everyone in Windhurst Waters and got 150 gil and my dashing Windshear Hat. It is stylish and gives +1 against wind. After that I was able to buy some lures. I got a fly and a minnow and left to try them out. I don't know if it's just my fishing skill or the spots I was picking but I didn't get anything! small worms tend to work for crayfish and moat carp, but I was hoping to attract some of the other types of freshwater fish. I only got ONE bite on my fly lure in the river but I lost it... I'll have to try some other freshwater bait and see what I get. Hopefully when my skill goes up I'll have a better time with the lures. I really want to catch one of the HUGE fish in the lake.

After dinner I hooked up with my friends and we went adventuring, I got to level 5 (whoohoo) while we killed all manner of creature great and small. The land had apparently fallen under thecontrol of the "beastmen" which I guess means that we can't find crystals and the Yaguddo and such are more agressive. We hooked up with one other guy looking for a party and the fours of us set off for West Sarabaturo. We fought a lot of easy to moderate battles so we decided to head north more and shoot for the northern tower. We had some tough battles on the way and lost a member but we kept going and all reunited in front of the tower. The enemies were dissapointingly easy, but thier numbers were great. we tore through the bats and goblins easily, but as soon as one of our members got separated...they died instantly. Then me and Pemu fell soon after that. It has been proven time and again that a party needs to stick together. Just another good example. Anyway, it was fun but it was getting late so I called it quits.

Here I am with my new hat, waving near one of my fishing spots.

As one might expect I have been playing FFXI non-stop pretty much the whole weekend. ^_^ I don't intend to continue playing this much, but I can't say that it hasn't been fun. I am currently a lvl. 4 Red Mage and a lvl. 5 Thief. I am enjoying fishing and recently spent a lot of gil on a pole. I have been experimenting selling things at the auction house and doing ok for myself. I plan to take it easy though, fish, do some missions, sell some things at auction, and adventure with my friends. My other friends playing are curently a lvl. 7 Black Mage and a lvl. 5 or 6 Thief.

These images were taken my my friend Vandal. I'll try to get some screenshots myself tonight and blog a little more of my adventures.

Also of note: I made a fairly large update to my links section, and my be working on making it look a little nicer.

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