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Well, I spoke to soon about the DNS changes, but things are running ok for now. I fixed some sub sites that died after DNS was removed from the old domain, and there is still a bug to work out but things are pretty much back to normal. I'm up to level 20 RDM/BLM in final fantasy and I got my chocobo licence. Nothing else much interesting going on. Disturbed's new album is pretty good, I heard it at a friends. Reminds me a little of ozzy though.


The DNS changes went smoother than I could have hoped for. My host was very helpful and cooperative, and I was able to make all the changes I wanted and fix the rest of it at the registrar end. The site was down for a day at most and my sub sites were all working within 2 days. I couldn't have hoped for a more successful transition. If I'd known it was going to be that easy I might have done it a long time ago...

My new job has been crazy-super busy, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's kept me occupied. I've been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XI to unwind. I have a Mithra RDM/BLM at level 18 right now. I'm going to try to get to level 20 tonight so I can get my chocobo licence.

Nothing much going on with translation project. I am basically waiting to see some progress on any of them right now. I have high hopes for some 3x3 Eyes news sometime soon, on a couple of fronts. Chris has basically been out of the loop for a while and Slayers has been stalled for sooo long. I'm not holding my breath, I'm just waiting. I have no scripts to work on right now, though I am waiting for one, but I'm enjoying the time without translating a bit. I've got so many projects out there, Energy Breaker, Ace of Spades, etc... I'm content to wait around for a bit and do nothing.


Here is the deal. There are going to be some changes with DNS for this site. It may take a few days for them to sort out, everything should be back to normal soon. Don't be surprised if the site is unavailable or redirects strangely for a day or two.

I got a better position at work. Yay, for me! Translations are coming along. 3x3 Eyes has been handed over and I've gotten updates from KingMike periodically that things are going well. There may be news regarding another 3x3 Eyes game very soon...

I also found out when winter Comiket is, December 29th-30th. :)

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