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I've added a number of translation projects recently. It's funny 2009 was a great year for my translation projects. Three finished projects were released; Welcome to Pia Carrot, The Story of Mio (Hoshi wo Sagashite), and Ace of Spades, plus Slayers was picked up by Dynamic Designs, and progress was made on Magic Knights Rayearth. However, it's probably the year I did the least in regards to projects. It was all work I've done previously that I got to enjoy the rewards from in 2009. So apparently to make up for that I picked up a number of new projects recently.

In exchange for DD being so nice about picking up my Slayers project I offered to help out with Aretha II. Current progress is around 62%. I also started working on Madou Monogatari for the Game Gear back in September. The first draft of the script is close to complete. In addition to those two projects I also picked up a few others thanks to EsperKnight including Urusei Yatsura - Stay With You (PCECD), Welcome to Pia Carrot 2 (PC), and Welcome to Pia Carrot 2.2 (GBC).


This one is for you Jared! You haven't listened to these I bet. :) I've been on a music kick recently. My most recent thing is grabbing some vocaloid songs from Japan Files. I found two groups that do songs that actually sound like professional music, and to which the vocaloid singers sound pretty cool: Dixie Flatline, and shu-t. They even have a cute rap song with Rin/Len Kagamine:

By Dixie Flatline I also recommend Mikulantica and Sweetie Sweetie. Sweetie Sweetie sounds just like an Aira Mitsuki song, and Mikulantica is just cool (ignore the video if you watch).

Now for shu-t:

I recommend the songs VOX and Cradle of Destiny in particular too.

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