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I gained another level in FFXI last night, without even really intending to. I managed to get a nice Japanese player to help me get the bloody robes from a Bogey in Buburimu so I could finish the sub-job quest, when my friend invited me to his party (they needed a healer). So I joined the second party that I have been in with two red mages for healers, which seems to work out really well. 3 or 4 of us leveled up and I even managed to invite my lvl 17 friend who hasn't played for like 2 weeks. I still haven't made it back to town to get my sub job. :P

Through serendipitous circumstances, I ended up reading about the Akashic Records again. I ran across some stuff about crystals in the process. I have always been interested in the energetic properties of crystals. I am thinking about trying to wear some or keep some around me and see what sort of effect it has if any. I'm thinking about amethyst as a pendant or something to keep in my pocket. I have always liked amethyst since I was little. I had a big cluster of amethyst crystals as a child that I used to keep on my desk. I wonder if it's still around, I don't think I've seen it for a number of years.


Hi there. I keep meaning to do some more updates to my links. Maybe if I blog about it I will remember to do it. I'd like to add some more stores for used and rare videogames, as well as some other links for system specific pages and what-not. I have not been very pleased with vgmuseum.com recently, though they finally started making regular updates. I sent them some game scans a while back that they never posted and I have recently emailed them again offering to help with scans and shots. I'm waiting to see if I hear back from them.

I played a lot of FFXI this weekend and I am now level 20. My goal is to surpass my friend, who shot up to level 23 or so while the rest of us were 15-16, while he is away on vacation. (Hear that Jared? ;) ) Since I went up 3 levels in the past 2 days I think I stand a good chance.

I have been working on my game collections a little. I got a few rare-ish titles for NES, SNES, GameGear, Genesis. I have also decided to flesh out my 7800 and Jaguar collections if I can. I got a bunch of nice roms over the weekend so now my collections are pretty much complete. I'm just trying to get some Amiga games now.

Also there has been some surprise progress made on Valkyrie no Densetsu. All I am going to say is the script should be finished soon and fonts should not be a problem. ^_^

Return of the King was really good. Go see it!


Work is going well on the Maison Ikkoku game. Here are some screenshots to tease you:

Just thinking about the future, here is my current project schedual.

- Slayers RPG: Translation complete. I will likely help with playtesting and editing script. ETA: January/February.
- Maison Ikkoku: Currently play testing and editing script. ETA: January
- Valkyrie no Densetsu: On hold. Finishing up some other things right now. ETA: March
- Zoid Saga: Currently translating. Translation about 30% done. This is a huge script and will take some time. ETA March/April

Future projects:
- Energy Breaker: I will likely translate this script after I finish Zoids saga.

I got my DVD burner today! Time to clear some stuff off my HD! ^_^


Hello. It's been a little while. More of the same, but some cool stuff going on. ^_^ I got a rom with a partially insterted script and a copy of Dave's script insterter for Maison Ikkoku. Whoohoo! I am having a blast editing the script and messing around with the game. Still a lot of work to do on it, but the results are beginning to show.

In other news, I am downloading Fraggle Rock from file sharing and I plan to start a torrent for each of the 5 seasons eventually on suprnova.net. I have finished most of my Christmas shopping. I did 99% online this year. ^_^ I hope everyone likes what I got them.

Here is today's post bilingual in "Engrish":

"Today. That directly a little is between. The same it was many, but the ^ _ ^ continue cool raw materials I rom of a partly obtained the manuscript and the copy of insterter of the manuscript of �f?[�u for insterted Maison Ikkoku. Whoohoo! The manuscript is compiled, without the game and the stand I who have been done have possessed ventilation. It should do with that, but still many works, it has started showing the result.

With other news, as for me downloading the stone of Fraggle from file sharing, as for me it plans the fact that the rapid stream respective for 5 season of suprnova.net is begun after all. I finished the majority of my Christmas shopping. I this year ^ _ ^ I where everyone likes online 99% desired those which I obtain in those."


I spent all last night on FFXI fishing and selling stuff to get enough money to buy a Mithran Fishing Rod. 25,700+ gil! I am pretty psyched, I can't wait to save up some money to get a wide variety of bait to really try some lake fishing and maybe even some deep sea. I'll probably stick to the docks and stuff to make some money tonight. It (somehow appropriately) seems to help your fishing skill increase faster to fish on the fishing guild's dock.


Happy something. My Thanksgiving wasn't that great, I got sick and had to stay in bed. :P I didn't really get much done that I wanted to but I did get to work on MI some more. I should be done re-checking the scripts sometime this week. I am excited to see some of the text inserted! It will probably need more editing though. :( I heard Static-x's new CD recently. It kicks ass! Esp. after their second album which pretty much sucked.

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