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I finally have my internet connection back! It's a mixture of elation and frustration that I feel right now, that I am finally back online :D, and that I really wasn't supposed to have been cut off in the first place... >_< grrr! So much to catch up on...

For no special reason I dumped a script for Magic Knights Rayearth for the Game Gear this morning. First I just tried to find the font in a tile editor, then I started making a table file, then I started testing the table file, etc... one thing sort of lead to another. :P It's not really big so I might translate it after/during Ace of Spades.


This may be my best chance to post for a couple of days since my internet is down. :( I am rather pissed about this since, though I did let my account lapse beyond it's due date, I was assured that it would not be shut off if I sent a money order out on Tuesday which I did. Wednesday it was off. :P Bastards.

I'm doing really well on the translations for my PSX anime games site which I still don't quite have an "official" name for. I'm thinking of PS1 Anime List, or PSX Anime List. I was also tossing around "catalog" like like the PCE Catalog Project. I don't think I want to call it "Playstation Anime List" just because. PS1 is probably more descriptive now that the PS2 is out and the PSX has been made the name of a PS2 device with a DVD recorder. Everyone used to call the Playstation the PSX though. I like PSX. I guess "the PS1 Anime List" is probably best.

I finished the Goblet of Fire last night. I couldn't stop reading it and stayed up way later than I intended. It was realy good, though I am getting a little sick of Voldemort being the bad guy in all of the Harry Potter books so far (esp 1 and 2, this was by far the most exciting and sort of tied the other 3 books together. I can't wait to see the movie though it will probably be a year or two.


I am reading the 4th Harry Potter book The Goblet of Fire on my lunch breaks. It is really good so far, I am a little less than 1/2 done. I really want to find out what happens next but I have little enough free time in the evenings, I want to save it for my lunch breaks.

I finally got a block of Ace of Spades translated. I plan to work on that over the next couple months and hopefully finish it up. The link to the Ace of Spades Translation Project is not working since the page has been taken down. I'm told that a new one is in the works however.

I've been thinking about human nature a bit recently. I was writing to a friend recently and was saying "People are generally nice and even when they are being annoying, are usually acting from their own sense of what is just. People can be very selfish and demanding and shallow though, but it's like they just get caught up in themselves and aren't thinking about other people at the time. I'm willing to forgive people for that, though I don't approve of how they behave.".

A good example of this was this evening when I came home and my neighbors had friends over who were parked in my parking spot again. They do this all the time and it's really annoying. Whenever I have someone over, I always have them park on the street. It's like right next to the apartment and they won't get a ticket or anything. I always think about my neighbors enough to keep my friends from parking in their spot. My neigbors never seem to think enough about me however to ask any of their friends not to park in my spot. They probably don't think of it like that however, and probably don't even realize that to me it seems rather rude, so I feel like I can forgive them even though they may have been inconsiderate. I asked them to move their car however, which they did. I still wish some people would think about other people a little bit more sometimes.


In the middle of a day off. ^_^ I did some work on Youkai Douchuuki this morning. I inserted a roman font and created an English table file for the new insertion. I tested it out in the game and it looks good. I added the test screenshot as well as some new links under the Youkai Douchuuki section.

I also did some research on the graphical text located in the upper left hand corner of the screens. Turns out it's the names of the levels, which I translated also.


It's been a little while. Not much going on. I am busy with work and filling my days off/evenings with as much fun productivness as I can. I have mostly been working on my anime Playstation page. It's coming along well. I have gotten another offer by someone to design the back-end for it so it may be closer to how I originally imagined it yet. For now I am finishing up translating the many game descriptions with some help from Eien ni Hen.

I found a really cool website the other night that introduced me to some anime based games on the PS that I did not know about. It's actually someone's collection of game based phone cards. http://www.interq.or.jp/ruby/carm/carm900.html. I wrote them an email asking them if I could use some of the images from the site in the game galleries. I have not heard back from them yet, but I will take silence as consent. ;)

I'm also working on a new image that may be on my gallery sometime.

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