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Ok, I do have a little news about Maison Ikkoku. It is a small thing, but I did go into the password screen and fix the spot of cave speak where it was supposed to say "Please enter your password". I had to make due with simply "PASSWORD", but I think it is a usable fix.

Here is a screen shot showing the "PASSWORD" and the alphabet fix that I did so that only roman characters appear in the selection screen.


Hello. I have not disapeared, I am just looking for a job so I'm sort of busy and haven't felt like posting much. That's about it. I'd love to say that there is a lot of good news about translation projects, or that the anime video game resource center has been updated, or that I have drawn something, but unfortunately none of those things are really true.

I did finish up Azumanga Daiyo, the ending was a little sad. I also worked a little on the Ranma 1/2 page, fixing some incorrect Japanese and adding manual scans and more character descriptions. It's still a work in progress as it will likely be for a little while.


Well, my weekend didn't go anything like I anticipated it. I ended up playing video games pretty much the whole time. :P

I allowed myself to enjoy some PSO (offline) again which I havn't played in a really long time. I got Delsaber's left arm, which paired with the right arm got me Delsabers Shield and Buster. Very kick ass.

I also managed to get ahold of Resident Evil Outbreak. There is something of a learning curve to it but once I got the hang of it I was liking it a lot. There is a TON of stuff to unlock, and you can play the missions over-and-over and try to find extra items, use different characters, try to do it without weapons or without getting infected. There is a lot of replay value. I don't know how many offline missions there are but I hope it's qute a few. I have unlocked one additional so far.

Oh, I did do a litle writing too. ;)


Yay, it's Friday! I'm looking forward to doing whetever the hell I feel like this weekend. It will probably involve some more playtesting Maison Ikkoku, translating Hoshi wo Sagashite, watching Azumanga Daiyo, and writing.

I'm up to episode 21 of Azumanga, it's a really adorable series. I had trouble with it at first, since there are many little sketches in each episode. I am very fond of it now though. They usually use a theme or character to tie the episode together, so it isn't acctually as disjointed as it seems at first. I like how it focuses on small things about everyday life (for a japanese anime high school student). It's very much about stopping to smell the roses. I realized that it's one of the only anime's I have seen that uses "natural" hair colors for all of the characters, and when everyone is wearing the same school uniform, sometimes I have to think for a moment to make sure that I remember which character is which. It's both an example that all characters don't have to be wildly colored in anime, and also of the reason why the usually are. :P


I feel like I had one of those pleasently uneventful days. Since I usually don't really remember what I got done by the end of the day I decided to make a list.

Today I: Updated my web page, translated some video game descriptions, translated some of Hoshi wo Sagashite, asked someone to translate the script for Youkai Douchuuki for me, changed the font around in Maison Ikkoku, burned 6 DVDs worth of crap off my computer, watched 3 episodes of Azumanga Daiyo, watched Bowling for Columbine, did some dishes, vaccumed dirt off my floor, watered my plants, dusted my videogames, filled my soap dispenser, replied to some ebay auctions, made a grilled cheese sandwich and some macaroni cassarole and ate it, and I probably went to the bathroom a couple of times in there. If I did anything else I either can't remember or I don't want to say. ;)

I updated my links section. Not a lot was added. I may add a little more still. Bowling for Columbine was amazing. I just watched it so it's much to fresh in my mind to write about. I was really blown away anyway. By what in particular I'm not sure if I can say. Maybe just by the fact that it didn't say anything that I feel like I didn't already know, but at the same time always wondered. I feel like I don't need to wonder any more. Someone has just asked "why" and acctually tried to find out.



Ok, I'm impressed. An Xbox emulator has been seen emulating Turok Evolution almost perfectly. Check it out, it's called CXBX. It has not been released yet, it's still in progress, but the screenshots speak for themselves. Amazing.

In other news, I watched the Mothman Prophecies the other day. It was quite good. I looked up some info on the alleged actual events before hand and the film seemed to touch on most of what I read about. Pretty creepy. I'd love to have other Mothman sightings substantiated, but whenever I search for it online all I get is info about the Point Pleasent incident.


It looks like I need to get Resident Evil Outbreak. For starters it is for the PS2, which is a plus, except for the fact that I still don't own one yet. :P Secondly, it appears to have a fleshed out offline mode, aside from the online mode. Since I don't intend to play it online I didn't have much interest in it, but after reading about the offline mode, I think that it is a game that I MUST play. In addition to interesting game play elements, it seems like it will further fill in details of the magical events occuring in raccoon city, somewhere between a raid on a mansion and a nuclear airstrike. The charaters all sound interesting with novel skills and the ability to work together. AI, while admitted to be stupid, is supposed to also be fairly useful, and I look forward to trying it out.

There is a new issue of Armchair Arcade out with a really interesting article on homosexuality in video games. It's worth reading just for the authors description of the modern sexual morality, in a totally good way. It's pretty interesting.


Well, my phone is down. :P I finally got my number switched over to my internet phone but, the internet phone doesn't work. I don't even want to deal with it right now. I watched the new Sailor Moon and Naruto. The Sailor Moon was really good, Naruto is dragging on as usual but that is normal. More cool stuff about Gaara's character. I'm thinking of watching some Azumanga Daiyo again, I never did finish the series. It also about time for another update to my links. I found an amazing site that is basically a journal written by this woman who motorbikes through the vast, desolate, nuclear graveyard of Chernobyl, www.angelfire.com/extreme4/kiddofspeed/. Take a look, it's a captivating, thought provoking, awe inspiring read.


Today has been wierd. It might have to do with staying up until 3 am last night, and the time change and everything. I didn't wake up until 11am (old time) and everything has been sort of foggy since then. I posted more Ebay auctions. I also added 3 more translated character descriptions to my Ranma 1/2 page. I have been working some on a web page project that I would like to do as well as translating some on Energy Breaker this afternoon. I don't have a lot of stamina, but my desire is good, slow and steady wins the race after all. I was listening to Pigface earlier. I don't remember who is in it this time but I think it's a couple of girls, it's really cool to listen to anyway. I was listening to this 30min song which was basically this guy reading a story about "the Howler". It sounds like a horror story but it was more british and perverted. Stuff about this albino midget with a hugh cock and this description of the Howlers rank breath. Pretty interesting stuff, good for getting work done actually.


I'm pretty excited, I got Atelier Marie Plus for the PSX yesterday! I'm not sure how I want to approach it exactly, I'd like to translate it at some point, but I'm going to try playing it some this weekend.

I popped it in quick last night. It starts you right off with a dream sequence that establishes why you are there. Basically it seems you were failing the academy, so you are doing a special vocational course or something. Anyway, this girl show up at your shop and offers to help you if you ever need it. Then you can do what you like. I went to the tavern and I ran into this other guy who seemed like he was good with potions or something. I tried leaving the town for a bit, I'm not really sure what I did though, I think I collected some materials. I'll see if I can get into it more this weekend. There is a nice little FAQ on gamefaqs I will check out.

I plan to see Hellboy this weekend. I haven't seen a movie in a while (since Return of the King I guess) so I'm kind of looking forward to it though I don't know if it will be any good. BTW: The last Sailormoon was great, it was pretty romantic. ;)

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