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The weather, Retro Gamer covers romhacking, not giving up and trying to enjoy myself

Spring is approaching. I could see my breath as I got into my car this morning but things are starting to get better. Grass is on the ground and leaves are on the trees, mostly thanks to the week & 1/2 of rain we have gotten, some of it torrential. Thankfully there has not been much flooding in my area, though some people are complaining of flooded basements. I didn't have much to work with, but I got a little overtime, so I purchased a pair of shoes and a couple shirts for work during the summer. I started doing the math and figured out I'd had my pair of nikes for over 4 years. It was time for a new pair. :P

I'm not contemplating "giving up" romhacking as much as I was before. Actually I was never thinking of giving it up, but of scaling back anyway. I guess it's just good to keep in the back of my mind that if I'm working on anything else, translating and such will have to take a back seat. As it is, it's still pretty much on the passenger side. I'm still considering picking up a programming language, probably PHP or Java, but that is more on the back seat.

And speaking of not giving up romhacking, I finished the block of Welcome to Pia Carrot I've been working on! Yay! It's been a long time coming. All the auxiliary text really threw me off, it just bogged me down for a while. Not to mention working my ass off for a few weeks at my job, and the various other bullshit that I put myself through. Hopefully that is all behind me now, or will be. Also, a favorite magazine of mine, Retro Gamer recently featured an article on Romhacking and the romhacking scene. It even has some quotes by a mysterious individual nicknamed "filler".

I'm just starting to get myself back to a place of focusing on myself. It's very slight, but I've definitely felt a bit of a change. It's important for me to remember to live my life in such a way that I am not ignoring now in favor of the future; not letting the ends justify the means. I'm also trying to use my imagination, and live there a little. I'm enjoying watching anime a little more, for the reasons that I used to. I'm not completely there, but small steps. The important thing is that I'm trying to remember how to enjoy myself a little. It's kind of hard, but I'm making a start.


Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon...

I'm friggin tired. :( I've been messing with my schedule waaay too much recently. I would go on a depression induced rant if it wasn't for the fact that I know I'm just surly due to my untimely lucidity. My friend has been downloading images of Sawai Miyuu of the live action version of Sailor Moon. OMGh07n3$$ 1 w4n7 2 b4n9 U! This sucks. :( I got System of a Down's new album which is good and bad at the same time. Mostly it's really good, but they are kind of going off on a whining extravaganza about the war and such, which I sympathize with but it's just sort of hard to take from a band that's so irreverent and nonsensical, though inarguably angry. Vicinity Of Obscenity that is nonsensical to the extreme, verging on kind of psychotic. Normally this would be cool, which it kind of is, but it kind of isn't too. :P Anyway, I'm really unhappy right now but I'm sure I'll be better sometime.

"I'm a loner, I'm a loser, I'm a winner, in my mind...I'm a bad one, I'm a good one, I'm a sick one, with a smile." -Cold


Dreamcast Emulator tested, questioning my priorities, searching for resolve

I was talking with one of my friends about how there wasn't really a good DC emulator that I knew of and he scrounged up a copy of Chankast which I decided to try out. Unfortunately, it will not work with original game disks. I believe this is due to Sega's use of a unique format (GD-ROM?). This format is not readable on normal drives, at least most of the data is unreadable, and is also the reason that disk images cannot be ripped from DC games using conventional drives. Anyway, the trick is to use a disk image on your HD or one burned to CD-ROM. It worked pretty well for Love Hina. I played enough to go, "hey, that's cool", but not much more. Apparently there is a group modifying Chankast called Chankast Utilities but I haven't messed around with it much yet. In any event, I may not be using it much due to the difficulty of ripping your own DC images, and the fact that it won't work with my extensive collection of DC games, but we will see. As it is, any news is good news on a DC emulator and the progress looks great.

I'm finally at a weekend from 2 hellish weeks at work. I still have some work ahead of me, and I'll be working overnights for one more week, but I guess the worst of it is passed. I've been talking/thinking for a while that if I'm going to get serious about drawing again, there will have to be some changes in my life. I don't entirely like the idea of changing too much, but sacrifices will probably need to be made. With work driving me nuts, I'm starting to realize that I'm probably burning my candle at both ends not just with work, but with my "second job", my myriad hobbies that I like to switch between. Maybe nothing will change since I am bored easily and I will just keep working on one thing and then another, but if I am going to be serious at all, I probably need to scale back on things and focus.

As much as I love games and rom hacking/translating I've been pulling back from the community a bit recently. I want to keep working on Welcome to Pia Carrot, as well as finish the doujin game I'm working on, but part of me is saying just drop it for now. I think I'll just put the doujin game on hold for now, finish up the current block of Pia Carrot which I've been dragging on forever and call it good enough. I will not give up on Pia Carrot no matter what, but I don't think I'm going to take any new projects, or try to pursue that hobby much for a while.

I haven't concentrated on myself enough recently. That sounds weird for me to say, because I feel I've become more selfish in the past couple years, but that's probably because I haven't concentrated on myself enough. I used to like listening to music and watching anime from the perspective of myself and how it relates to me. Somehow I think I lost that "self", and just began trying to keep up, or just not enjoying things like I used to. Maybe I'm just going to grow out of enjoying those things to a certain extent, but I don't really think that is what has happened. I think I've just stopped loving myself, and it makes it hard to enjoy anything. I want to value myself and I need to get back into that mode about who I am and what I need. Maybe that will give me a chance to enjoy some of the various things feel I need to give up for a little while in order to do that, maybe it will make it impossible for me to enjoy them again, I don't know. The most important thing is to value myself, and to make things that I love.

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