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I did some work on Youkai Douchuuki today. I suddenly felt like taking a second look at it for some reason. I fixed up the table file, which it turns out was all wrong. I went by the font when making the table, which is usually a good rule of thumb, but this game did not use values that were consistant with the order of the font tiles. I just altered the first bit of dialog in the game and went through all the adjacent hex values to test what actually went with what. Once I got that right (actually many times before I got it right) I made a new dump and formatted it nicely. It looks much much better. Enough that I might take a stab at translating it myself, even though I was originally going to try to find someone else to do it for me.

I found a really cool PCE site in the process called PC-Engine Lounge Hu-card. I can tell the author has spent a lot of time playing hu-card games and has a lot of info and interesting things to say about them. I am fairly impressed. It got me wanting to take another look at Lady Sword and a few other PCE games I was messing around with.


Do you think flies have any fucking idea how annoying they are? ;)


Freakin-a. :P I think blogger should add smilies. I'm working again on Thursday! Yay! A menial service oriented job, but at least I'll have some income. I played some Fable at a friends house today. I would have played a good character but all my friends decided to play good characters so I am being a right evil bastard. It's kind of fun.

I'm coming to a close on my Energy Breaker translating, so now it's getting to some good stuff. I just spent a little while researching this プリフィアの花輪 or "Purifia-flower wreath". As far as I can tell it means "to purify" in French. So I'm thinking of using "Purification Flower Wreath" or "Purity Flower Wreath" something. It's also the name of a song from the game "プリフィアの花" which apparently is also used in a game called Estpolis which may have been "Lufia" in the states, but don't quote me on that. ;)

I've picked back up work on an ambitious web site that I started for anime playstation games. I remember visiting sites like it in before but nothing has been quite as complete as I'd like. I'm trying to have a well researched and fleshed out list of all the anime-related games released in Japan for the Sony Playstation.

All of the groundwork is finished representing literally months of work. I was in the final process of simply creating the HTML pages for each individual game when I decided to take a little break. At over 140 games, it's a lot of pages! I had hoped to do it differently, by merging with a site that uses a data-base system, but unfortunately after a couple of attempts I decided that it was too much to ask of others. I decided to do it myself the "old-fashioned" HTML way. ;) Hopefully it will be up, well I don't know, sometime.


I made an update to my translation projects. I added just a little more info on Legend of Valkyrie and Energy Breaker as well as more screen shots and starting dates for all the projects. I started to become interested in how long I have been working on some of these projects. I began my very first experiments with Slayers back in March of 2002.


Hey there. I updated my gallery so I thought I'd post something here. It's a sexy picture of Temari from Naruto. There are visible breasts so be warned if you don't like that sort of thing. My intention is to have the site set up so that you don't have to inadvertently come across somthing like that, but it's on the main page so screw it. As always you can visit it at Mechanicomics.com.


I haven't posted in a while. Work seemed pretty busy last week since I was more or less alone in the office for a couple of days. The three day weekend was very welcome, but I don't feel like I've really had time to wind down yet. I saw "Yes" perform on Saturday. They are an older English band from the 70's and 60's, I remember them most for "Owner of a Lonely Heart" which was a hit in the 80's. It's their 35th anneversary tour. :P The show was pretty cool though, I had a good time.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting some dishes done and making some food, and goofing off on the computer. I don't want to worry about anything more than that.

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