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OMG! Two posts back to back! I just felt the need to post since I feel like I've had this new world opened to me. I have found myself doing more writing recently and borrowed a book covering writing essentials from my dad. I recently revised several of my script blocks for WtPC, and while doing so, became concerned largely about my use of hyphenated words. I wanted to have clearer guidelines for whether or not the words I was hyphenating should be so. I also became concerned about my usage of commas. After reading a bit of the punctuation section and getting a clearer idea of the rules regarding certain way to use, or not to use, punctuation, something important dawned on me. I was editing for punctuation. I don't know if I have ever done this. It sounds kind of stupid, but I think my grasp of language has always been intuitive enough that I haven't felt the need to purposefully edit for grammar. I've just never felt the desire to, nor been forced to in school. For the first time I find myself caring enough about what I am writing to try to edit my punctuation for accuracy. It's just a weird feeling. I'm kind of excited about it though.


Wow, I'm making a new post! It's been a while. I feel like I've been so busy recently I've barely sat down. It's nice to have a chance to relax. I'm listening to some 80s music and I've been translating a lot today. WtPC has taken a back seat recently but I finished off the current blocks of text I've been working on today. That brings my total script completion to 33.3% or 1/3 done! Yay! There is still a lot to go though. This is a huge, even laughably enormous project that many fan translators in their right mind would not attempt. However D made a good point that a huge script with character names is better than a smaller script without. There is always the need to be thankful for small blessings.

I posted some more auctions today. I realized that a lot of Star Wars collecting seems to be happening in the UK these days so I opened up my auctions to international bidding. I used to do that all the time anyway, but I decided to try US only just to make it a little easier on myself. I guess it doesn't pay to limit your customer base in that way.

Some good news as far as employment is concerned, I got a new part-time job recently, so I will be cutting back to part-time at my current job. It sounds like 6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the other, but I've been wanting to scale back on what I'm currently doing and branch out into something else so this is really encoraging for me. Wish me luck.

It seems summer Comiket came and went last month. I was not there this year. I hope to get back in the next year or two, but I made a promise to myself and someone else that I would return of my own means and I intend to do that. If things go as planned I may be making more money, have more free time, and be genuinely happier in the next year or two. I'm going to try really hard to make that happen anyway. Speaking of Comiket though, an interesting game seems to have taken the doujinshi crowd by storm this year. It's called Kimikiss made by Enterbrain (of RPG Maker fame), it seems to be a fairly straightforward dating simulation/visual novel type game for the PS2. I'm interested in checking it out.



I just worked soooo much overtime. This paycheck will be the biggest I have had for qute a while, if ever. I'm friggin tired, but it's over at least for now.

My computer was down for about 2 days. I was awoken in the middle of the night by excessive fan noise and had to turn my PC off. I checked it the next day and it turned out to be the power supply fan. One roll of electrical tape and a replacement fan later, I spliced the wires from the power supply board to the new fan and it's running as quiet as ever. A relatively easy fix for just under $8. Gave me a good excuse to clean out the inside of my case as well. It probably needed it.

I haven't really been doing anything else but working. I put up one more ebay auction. I'm attempting to sell an opened "blind box" trading figure from the Akihabara Maid Colletion series. If it sells I might try selling more opened figures, but if not, I may just go ahead with some more Star Wars figures and call it good enough. This is kind of my test auction. I'm trying a "buy it now" too, though if it does not sell, I will relist it as a regular auction with a "buy it now" option.

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