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I've been sick with a fever for about two days straight. It seems to have broken finally, but I still feel pretty crappy. Something about moaning with a fever for a couple days makes you think about life a little, or at least purges you of some things whether you want them purged or not. Actually, maybe all it really does is make you appreciate being well. :P Being sick sucks.

I recently got to check out a WIP build of WtPC courtesy of the distinguished Mr. Michel. There are still some technical issues to deal with before more of the script is inserted. The first few days of script are fully playable though and looking quite nice. I got to make a few small edits for some punctuation and a word change or two. Here's hoping it won't be long before more is playable. Below are some screen shots of the current WIP:



To ring in the new year I decided a new theme and gamer pic for Xbox live was in order. I'm a Dead Rising fan boy so I decided on a gamer pic of a cultist from DR, you can view it on my gamertag above. After careful consideration I chose a tasteful and respectful theme centered around an aesthetic appreciation of Jessie's reserved beauty. Ha-, gotcha! It's actually shameless cleavage and upskirt shots of of Jessie being teh hawt. :) It's super spiffy.

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