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Ami Suzuki has a new album out! Yay! Here is a really cool preview of the album which sounds great.

Also I'm continuing to really like MEGs new album. I'd almost go as far as to say it's about x2 as good as the last one. Still having trouble finding songs from it, I may need to post some of my own. Here is "heart" anyway. As usual you can ignore the PV, not that she's not cute or anything, but it just takes away from enjoying the song.



It's a special girl who you can propose to by hacking a video game. He's a lucky guy.



I had a nice Halloween. Though I didn't go there at night, I did take a trip to Emily's bridge, a famous haunted Vermont covered bridge. I won't go into what a simple google search will tell you, suffice to say the bridge is well known to be haunted. Below are some images I took with a friends camera.

Don't worry, the figure on the bridge is just my friend's dad.

Wait! What's that near the water? My friend who is more familiar with the bridge and it's stories directed me to take some photos of the brook running under the bridge. Though we could not see it with the naked eye, here you can see an "orb" in this photo. These types of orbs tend to appear where spirit activity takes place. I've blown it up for detail. (And yes, that is snow on the ground. Damn Vermont!)

Though this isn't necessarily the most incontrovertible set of images I did take a series of images in which you can see the orb move further to the right (use rocks for reference) and become less distinct as it gets further away.

This image is a different orientation which makes it more obvious that it's not something on the lens for instance, since it does not appear in the same place relative to the frame of the image and it's orientation.

I've taken some photos of orbs before but this was amazing because normally you have to take quite a number of images to get just a few good ones. I took only a handful of images and got these interesting shots. Just goes to show that there is some serious activity here.

This Halloween did a lot to prove to me that death is not the end.

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