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After weeks I finally break the silence... I just haven't felt like updating for a while. I'm still waiting to see when winter Comiket is. I've made great strides with the 3x3 Eyes script and am at the threshold of completion. I've been pretty busy with work and stuff, I put in a little overtime this week. I also started doing something I promised myself I would never do again. I started playing Final Fantasy XI. :P I was able to ressurect a character that I had put some time into previously whice was cool because it was like 6 months old. It's a big waste of time, but it's fun, and it's nice to have something to play that takes my mind off things for a while. I'll probably get sick of it again soon.


I had the past two days off. I managed to get a lot done on 3x3 Eyes and have finished my first draft of one of the 2 text blocks dumped from the game. This is around 3/4 of the in game text that is more-or-less finished. I've also been working on adding a bunch of words to a huge onomatopoeia list that I've collected from various websites. I ended up grabbing some from a Spanish website, but now I have to machine translate the Spanish to English for the definitions. Onomatopoeia is one of those things that I hate not knowing and it's not always easy to look up, so it's really nice to have a good list like that. I may end up posting it on my website at some point.

All of my game systems are hooked up with s-video now, except my Saturn and Dreamcast which I am just waiting for cables I ordered to come in. I also have my computer running to my TV with s-video, which is a lot more convenient than I thought it would be. I discovered that I can set my TV as a clone display and in addition to showing anything I do on the screen, will also display video full screen, while it remains windowed on my normal monitor. Very convenient.

My big goals for the near future are to finish up 3x3 Eyes, and to do a lot more writing as well as get a list of publishers together to send a book proposal to. I have a handful already, but I'd like to have a number of them so hopefully one of them will show a lot of interest and give me a contract. I'm pleased with the progress I've made on 3x3 Eyes over the past couple of days anyway. I'd like to keep that level of productiveness up for a little while barring any unforseen hinderances.


I had a day off today which was a little hectic but ok. I got a bit of game playing in, which sort of turned into game researching. I recently was able to get a few more games for the PC-FX which I tried out. It seems that the PC-FX can play some "games" that were created in photo-CD format, due to it's photo-CD capabilities. I don't know if these photo-CDs were made especially for the PC-FX, but I think there were probably other photo-CD devices that could play them. I checked out Gokuraku Arena, which is an H-game that's really just watching a series of images with voice acting. It seems there are at least a few other H-game photo-CDs out there, I may try to get my hands on some more. I also did a lot of research into when winter Comiket is happening this year. I don't know for sure since they haven't posted it on the official Comiket site, but it seems like it happens at the end of December, for two days, usually the 29th and 30th. Barring any unforseen circumstances I will be there.

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