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I'm working overnights again this week. :P Last night was my first night, it shouldn't be too bad, but I won't be sorry when the end of the week comes. I had some good news come my way just recently. KingMike has un-VFWed the battle text for 3x3 Eyes: Advent of the Divine Demon Legend to fix a glitch that was plagueing it. Very good news so far. Also on the translation projects front, I've heard from David Michel that another several blocks of Welcome to Pia Carrot are ready for translation! Not only that but the script is now apparenly command code free and uses a text database during dumping to automatically insert character names so I don't have to be bothered typing them over and over. I can't wait to get started on that very soon.


Some new shots of figures, I painted a second zombie hunter figure and x2 zombie dogs. The zombie hunter is based on the Ortiz figure (top) from the Foundry's Mercenary Fire Team. Though it's hard to tell, it was actually a fairly big conversion, for me anyways. I built the character up from shirtless (wearing only a double bandolier), to a t-shirt and padded vest using a rather goopy putty that actually worked out ok. I also added a little bulk to the full beard. The shot is washed out from the flash but I think it came out pretty well.


My figure

Bears a striking resemblance, hmmm...

zombie dog (base unfinished)


I just updated my translation projects page with a link and information about my EDICT format Japanese onomatopoeia list. It is basically a dictionary file in a file format used by a free and commonly used online Japanese dictionary. Additional information can be found on my translation projects page.

I've done a lot of work on my Hexaspace translation recently. I started going through the file I'm working on to find the starting and ending offsets for the main pieces of script and it's a lot bigger than I thought it was. There is not that large a quantity of text compared to other things I have done, but there are a lot of lines nonetheless, esp. when I have to type out the starting and ending offsets for each one. It will get done, but it will be a matter of a few months maybe.

I found some awesome stuff for my miniatures project. Check out WorldWorks's Urban Mayhem series of printable paper scenery/models for miniature gaming. I can't wait to try out some of this scenery with my miniatures. I will likely be making some of my own as well for the custom campaigns that my friend Morgan and I will be making for our game. This will be a great starting point for some awesome street scenes and really cool locations like a gas station, and the inside of a gun shop. I can't wait. :)


Yesterday I indulged in a hobby that I have neglected for quite a while. I'm putting together a zombie/zombie hunter themed set of gaming miniatures for a game that my friend and I are planning to adapt from the basic Space Hulk rules. Below is the mini I painted yesterday:

The image on the right was the inspiration for it, an alternate outfit for one of the main characters from a certain survival horror game. ;) I think it came out pretty well. I had some good luck in finding a number of decent zombie and modern day figures with a little research. The figure above is from the Mercenary Fire Team from the Foundry's Street Violence series. However, to capture the authenticity I am looking for I think I will have to buy some "green stuff" and do some sculpts myself.


Long Weekend, Spring Cleaning, Coca-Cola Kid Translated!

I feel like I should make a post since it's been a while and I need a feeling of closure for my long weekend. I did not have memorial day off so I decided to take today off instead witch I think was a good idea. I wish I got more done this weekend but I was first and foremost trying to enjoy myself so I won't beat myself up over that. I decided rather than going through the current game I am translating one line at a time and manually overwiting it, I would bite the bullet and do a real script dump for it. It's easy enough using romjuice, it's just kind of a pain. I am breaking it down into small sessions though, so I should be able to set a relaxed pace for myself. I had a chance to pick up a little around my apartment and do some spring cleaning.

I'm thinking of getting rid of some things, maybe do a little ebaying, and focus my priorities. I was interested in getting back into collecting Dreamcast games, toward my ultimate goal of a complete US set, but I realized that it's just too much money. I can't do it right now, not even a little at a time. It will have to be in larger chunks when (and IF) I happen to have several hundred dollars to throw at a whole group of games at a time. I may have to settle for a really nice collection, rather than a complete one, at least for the foreseeable future.

The achievement I am most proud of recenlty is translating the script for Coca-Cola Kid on the Game Gear. This is a game I have played before and when a romhacker I have worked with in the past asked for help translating it, I could not refuse. The script was very short, only about a page, and was finished in a couple of hours. It would have been more quickly, but most of those couple hours were spent beating the game so I could see the context in which the text appeared. Other than that, the translation itself was not that difficult.

I feel like I have a long way to go to achieve my goals, but I'm starting to see what they mean when they say "Happiness is a journey, not a destination.". The truth is that I'm probably closer than I think. If I try to be happy on my journey and keep from getting in my own way, things should be a lot easier. I tried most of all to have fun and not worry too much these past few days. I took out my comics collection and went through them again. I ordered some metal miniatures and got any area prepared to paint a little this week. I did some work on translation projects and sketching. And most importantly tried not to put too much pressure on myself. I'm doing ok for now.

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