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This weekend was sort of a mixed bag. I got quite a bit done, but I also moped around a bit and did nothing. ^_^ I watched a bunch of anime. I saw the rest of Narutaru up to ep. 11. That is a really good show so far. I also saw Naruto 51, and the first few episodes of Green-green and Full Metal Panic (fu-something, the second one ^_^;).

I got another miniature painted, the Black Powder Rebels "Amazon Queen". I think it came out pretty slick. I also did just a little bit or translating. I am picking up another project, Hunter x Hunter for the GBC. It's a pretty small script (kind of like the MI game) so it shouldn't take a really long time. I would have liked to do some drawing and some more painting, not to mention laundry, but I am a lazy bastard. That is what the weekends for anyway, right?

I messed around with my rom collection a lot too. I took screen caps for the rest of my PCE games and found a cool-ass frontend for launching multiple emulators. It's called QuickPlay. It is really easy to set up for multiple emulators and rom collections. It looks kind of like the Mame frontend and is nice to work with. It will show you screen caps, and is generally very userfriendly. Finally, something usefull!


Check out my new Guestbook. Not much going on. I played some PSO last night. I love that game. I wish I could play it online sometimes...maybe I will get the GC modem. :P I have been working a little more on the translation for the Maison Ikkoku game. I am probably 35-40% done anyway.

I have been doing a little reading about the paranormal, ghosts and what-not. I got a bit interested in ghost stories around this area and found some cool books by this guy called Joseph A Citro. I got a couple off of www.half.com but I've only paged though them. New England seems to have a rich history of hauntings, rivaled only maybe by the Carolinas. I don't intend to become a ghost hunter, (it kind of scares me actually), but it's interesting to read/think about.

Wow, it's been a while! ^_^ I have been working hard on the Slayers translation (again) and I am finally all done, 100%, I am not doing another damn thing to it! The big news is I launched a store for my gallery site! It is using Paypal, shopping cart and is fairly straight-forward right now. I plan to add more items to it and enhance the features as needed.

I cut my hair really short if anyone cares. I saw "Underworld" over the weekend which pretty much sucked. The script writer deserves a kick in the nuts. Probably the director, main cast, and casting as well. The leader "Lycan" was a good actor though, he did a great job. I played Mage Knight and lost again. I don't think I am going to bother blogging about it anymore. Just assume that I play Mage Knight every weekend and unless I say otherwise, get my sorry ass served to myself on a platter. :P


Morning. :P I had a somewhat stressful busy weekend but the good news is I got a lot done on the Slayers translation. It is pretty much done at this point. Now on to other things. ^_^ I have pictures ready of my miniatures and artwork. I plan to draft a couple of web pages, one for each over the next day or two. I am thinking I will charge $25-$50 for my pen-and-inks based on size and content. Sketches probably more like $10-25. I don't know about miniature pricing, I will have to do a little more research but probably around $10-30 per figure depending on size and complexity. I also plan to post somemore ebay auctions and do some drawing but all in good time. Unfortunately my energy is limited. :P

I saw two animated shorts for BLAME!. (check animesuki.com) Wow! They were really cool! Very much like the comic, but they didn't really tell a story. More like just previews or concepts. They were really pretty though, I hope that it means they are doing a movie or OAV or something. I will have to try to find out.


Here is a picture of my painted Mortus Draconum. I decided to try scanning it on the scanner which worked out pretty well. Then I gave it a black background. I scanned in my Half-Troll Hacker, and Clurch Piper also but I'll have to decide what to do with them.

I played my FM Towns Marty a little last night. It is pretty cool but definately wierd. ^_^; It is really like a PC that just has a game pad instead of the keyboard. I played some of DOR Special Edition '93 which seems to be a compilation of 3 games. Movement consists of moving a cursor around and clicking where you want the character to go. :P After that it is a sim/text sort of game though, that seems mostly to haveto do with sexually harassing some girl. What else is new? ^_^;


I didn't do much last night aside from some shopping. I got some silverware for my kitchen finally. ^_^; I really need to clean up my apartment a little. I will probably try to do some miniature painting tonight and maybe some sketching. I Have been really tired lately though. I think I am just fighting a cold or haven't really caught up on sleep from the weekend. Tomorrow is Friday anyway so I am not to worried. I will be geting up around 9am Saturday though to go play Mage Knight. All the more reason to get a little painting in while I can. ^_^


Here is a little screenshot of the MI game. I don't mean to tease, but you can see that progress is being made and at least an English font is inserted. I didn't get as much done last night as I wanted but I did manage to burn a copy of Pia Carrot e Youkoso for the PC-FX that worked beautifully on my PC-FX. Very cool! ^_^


I updated some links such as the Slayers FAQ which I moved to GameFaqs. I also added the "Game Translation/Hacking" Category, and made a link to the Whirlpool. I intend to make a "Translation Projects" page soon to add a little bit more info and screen-shots ofthe games I am working on. I may also make a couple of commercial-oriented pages, one for miniature painting and one for my artwork/illustrations (though I may just add this to my current gallery). I gave my blog a little more room since some of my longer posts tend to run well beyond the frame. ^_^; I will also be adding some pictures to my Photo Gallery of my most recent trip to Japan.


I don't know what's going on, but I saw a big spike in traffic to my home page this month. *_* My trafic has been stedily declining since I launched the site with the current domain about 5 months ago. In August however, I went from about 1600 requests in the month of July, to about 10,000! I don't know why people are coming to my site but I hope they find what they are looking for. ^_^ I got an email about videogames so I figure it might be that, or my blogging of comiket. I also seem to have an inktomi listing now, though I think all the other directories are avoiding me like a plague.

I lost at Mage Knight....again (5 people, I was #4). :P It was a lot of fun though. I painted up my Mortis Draconum pretty kick-ass. I also painted about 3-1/2 Half-Troll Hackers, and my precious Clurch Piper. I tried to get a picture of them but it came out god-awful. I will try again soon. I'd like to post a little ad to paint miniatures. I don't know what I will charge for it, but I think it would be fun to do.

I worked a lot on the Slayers translation this weekend. I was inserting a bunch of text that I finally figured out, and some stuff that people helped me translate. I also went through and matched the blocks I have completed, with the ones that are duplicates, and copied the text from one to the other. Still a lot of work to go, but it's the very final stretch. Yay! I want to thank RPGone for making me an official member and for picking up my other project, Maison Ikkoku on the PCE. I don't intend to rush with it, but you would be surprised at how many people have indicated a desire to translate this game at one time or another; I would like to see it happen. ^_^


I have all of Naruto up to the episodes that are airing now. It is really cool! ^_^ I have also been watching more Ai Yori Aoshi and Narutaru. I liked this last batch of Ai Yori, though it had a lot of the other girls getting a "moment" with Kaoru, it was still focused on the "secret" romance between him and Aoi.

Narutaru still kicks ass but I haven't seen past the first 4 epsiodes (I have had 6 and 7 for a bit but I was still trying to download 5 :P). I only read a little of the comics, so I don't really know where the story goes from here. I already like the two that come looking for the boy that threatens Shiina, they are an interesting pair. The shy girl is ok too, but really overdone in anime, except for the suicide attempts part. ^_^;


I did not get nearly as much done this weekend as I was intending. >_< Still, it was pretty good overall. I played another game of Mage Knight and lost again. I did ok though, and got to play my Half-Troll Gougers pretty effectively. I sat down and started painting some of my figures agian finaly since I am sick of playing with them out-of-the-box. I painted a Half-troll Hacker last night which looks prety slick. I will try to post a picture but I do not have a digital camera. :( My friend and I are probably going to try to get some of the new Dungeons expansion tonight. ^_^

My trip to Japan was really refreshing, I can't wait to start drawing again now. I got the artbook with my pre-order of Soul Calibur II and I am thinking of resurrecting my Soul Calibur comic. I am also planning on doing a Resident Evil story (ecchi) and finishing the one I am working on now.

I got a cabinet for my video game systems too finally! :P It is really nice looking. It has 5 shelves and holds a lot of my games sytems. Right now I have my Sega CD/Genesis/32X, SNES, Atari 7800, 3DO, NES, Saturn, Playstation in the cabinet, and my PC-FX, and old Genesis are on the top. My newer systems (Xbox, Gamecube) are next to my TV and the FM Towns Marty is on my VCR. ^_^ I haven't figured out where to put my Jaguar yet, but we will see. Anyway, that gets a lot of clutter off my floor and is a load off my mind, not having to worry about my systems getting dirty or dusty or abused.

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