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This week has sucked a whole lot, at least at work. Thankfully, it did not suck as badly as it could have, but regardless I've been working a lot of overtime and I just really want this busy time for me to be over. Unfortunately this week will probably be some more of the same. I don't know how long I can keep this up.

Some good things going on though. I saw Snakes on a Plane finally. It was a lot of fun. Pretty stupid and about what I was expecting, but entirely enjoyable. I've been cutting back on my game translation, but I still managed to sneak in some time with WtPC. My auctions went well, everything was paid for and sent except for one thing which was paid for a few days after the auction which I have not sent out yet. I need to get going on some things I'm trying to get underway but I'm making progress. Making some money recently which is good, just trying to keep up with my bills and get as much extra as I can on top of that to put away for now. My friends 360 died recently so I have not played any Dead Rising. :(

I'm staying motivated but it is only sheer determination that is keeping me going at work. I think people can tell that I am miserable and surviving on willpower alone, but I hope I still have a sense of humor once in a while. I think it will all be worthwhile soon and maybe I can say goodbye to this subservient lifestyle and start shaping my own destiny.


I posted some SNES games for sale on ebay. Something I've been meaning to get back into. This weekend has been a mix of work and play. I did some research on various methods of selling online which is something I'm planning to get more serious about. I also did some side jobs to make a little extra money. In between I played a lot of Dead Rising for the 360.

Dead Rising is surprisingly good but frustratingly difficult at times. I'm only on the second day with one of my friends, but we've started over once already to boost our level a bit. I beat the first and second "boss" fights. I've watched a couple of survivors die in horribly gruesome ways. I almost made it back to the security room with the two Japanese tourists but I ran out of time to start the second set of story case files so I gave up and did it again without saving them. There are a lot of things you can try doing, but it seems like you miss opportunities or fail at missions more than you succeed. That may be part of the game, just fouling things up once so you can go back and do it right the next time.

I also tested out an old NES system I recently bought from a friend. It took a lot of cleaning and testing and cleaning again, but it finally worked and played games just fine. I got to round 18 on Duck Hunt before I finally screwed up and got game over.


Well, my car troubles may be over. On Monday my car was still not done, they wanted to change the fuel pump and charge me a lot for it. I picked up my car and my step-dad had me take it to another guy who was much better and replaced a coil for me and now it works fine. It was a lot cheaper than it would have been had they replaced the fuel pump, and it still wouldn't have been fixed. :P

I played some Quake 4 this weekend. A friend rented it and I wasn't expecting it to be that good in particular, which it isn't, but it's not bad and it's still a lot of fun. We've gotten to level 17 which appears to be half-way through the game. Other things that have happened this weekend. I bought some paper to do some drawing again which I haven't done in a long time. I also got some more blocks of WtoPC to work on. Completed progress so far is 28%. Still a lot to go but I'm really happy with the progress so far.

Also I've been getting some updates on 3x3 Eyes: Advent of the Divine Demon Legend. It seems that there is still some work to do on the menus so that item quantities use a fixed width, rather than the variable width font, though the items list is working with a fixed width and now no longer causes an error when you close the item menu and then speak to a character.

Examples of the fixed witdh font during battle menus

Also I forgot to mention but a game I translated has been released recently. KingMike whom I am working with on 3x3 Eyes, recently released a translation patch for The Great Maze: Master of the Maze, an unreleased first-person maze puzzle game for the NES. Follow the link to go to RHDNs entry or this link to KingMike's personal page for the patch file.

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