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Had to make a small additional post. I didn't realize it was this bad. If this kind of growth continues Vista may reach the same percentage as XP in as little as 15 years! I actually feel sorry for Microsoft. :(

This is cake town!

So I'm not going to geek out about Jpop this time, at least I'm not planning to. I finished editing text for Yukiko's story, which took a long time, but was easier than I thought it would be. I also was dreading writing for Kensuke, but I found that I nailed him perfectly the first time and had to edit very little. I was glad about this because I thought his lines were a little challenging. Now all I have left is Shiho, Rumi, and another general once over on the script. I'm hoping to finish it up this weekend.

I got to see the Number 23 which wasn't really what I was expecting, but I liked it pretty well. I don't want to give anything away, but they did a good job of keeping you guessing and ending a little unexpectedly. I'd heard that the ending was easy to guess, but I got sucked in enough that I wasn't really thinking that far ahead. I guess if I had any complaints, it's that it wasn't supernatural or really far out enough. For what it was, it was failry mundane. I enjoyed it though, I thought it was well written.


I edited the text for Saori's story last night. Things are starting to look up for the script edit for WtPC. I've edited text for the following: Satomi, Shouko, Reika, Yukari, Kiyomi (incomplete), Saori. I still have left: Shiho, Yukiko, and "Rumi" (basically all the extra stuff you can do when not chasing one of the other girls like check out all the doujin mini-games, and see your sister at Comiket). There is a walk-through for the Rumi stuff, but the rest it's just work scheduals and guidelines. I'm sure I can make it through, I just don't know how long it will be.


Well, I finally quit my crappy retail job for good. I'm doing computer work, mostly web page design/coding, full time now. I have to manage my own time and I'm trying to adjust my schedual from an evening to a day schedual, so it's a little bit of work, but it's coming along well.

I've been listening to a lot of Jpop. I have a pretty fun mix playing right now, though I want to add some more to it. I've been listening to some Move (video). They are kind of hit or miss, but they have some cool stuff. They remind me a little of Two-mix.

I've really been enjoying a few songs from ERIKA (Sawajiri Erika). Her new song FREE is remnicent of Kelly Clarkson, and I don't like the video, but it's a cool song. And I've started to like YUI (video) quite a bit despite myself.

My favorite new aquisition has to be Perfume (video). Many thanks to Mr. D. Shadoff for them. Some of thier early stuff is a little too cutsy and annoying, but I keep listening to thier newer stuff over and over. It's a great combination of cute/electronic. You might even be able to call them "moe-tronic".


I'm making this post largely to share my findings in a recent decision to get back into jpop a bit. I've been getting some recommendations, listening to some internet radio, and checking up on some old favorites to see what they are doing now.

In the latter catagory, Ami Suzuki has a new single out with two songs that kick ass. Free Free and Super Music Maker. If you visit this page I'm not letting you leave until you listen to them both. A pop star by definition, Ami Suzuki is ultimately a set of lungs with a pretty face, and falls victim to pop music's lack of genre. The up-side of this is while 90% of her stuff may miss the mark, eventually she'll drop a bomb like this and hit big.

Some other highlights include a strange pair of rapping girls called Halcali. If you're interested check out It's Party Time. Apparently TMR is in a new band called Abingdon Boys School, and while I haven't heard much, what I have heard is very cool and is somewhat remnicient of the late Hide.

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