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I'm double posting right now. I have one window open for my blog, and another for my psx anime list page.

The internet sucks today. All my usual haunts are boring and annoying. :( I had a somewhat stressful week last week. Today was busy and I didn't get enough productive work done. The only good thing is Thanksgiving is Thursday and I'm going to eat a lot and try to relax the whole day. :)

I went to the grocery store today forgetting what week it was and it was packed. And it seems like old people all go grocery shopping on Monday. I should be able to make that funny somehow, but I can't.

I did finally get an order of xbox game cases in that I ordered and swapped out some of the old, worn, sticker ridden, crap boxes that a number of my games were in for some pretty shiny boxes. Now they look kewel and non-crappy.

I also managed to find a new way to find difficult to find games and ordered 12 of the games on my PSX Anime List. I should have those in a couple weeks which will be cool and mean I'll have another round of screenshots and box art to post. I've been getting back into that site a bit, I did a visual re-design and I'm concurrently posting about a few new screenshots so check it out if you like.

I watched a little of Sister Princess Re-Pure the other day which was ok. I mostly wanted to check how they dealt with the translation of the myriad pronunciations of "brother". In this case they left it in Japanese, a solution that is both easy and frequently elegant. It's something I'd probably always prefer were I not a masochist bent on doing everything the hard way.


The big news is I've completed the script edit for WtPC! Woohoo! I found a Japanese walkthrough for Kiyomi and was able to finish with her finally. I have a feeling I'll still want to make some wording changes here and there, but this should be a fairly accurate and robust script now. I can't wait to see it in action!

I saw Children of Men recently. I don't think it really succeeded in what it was trying to do. *some spoilers follow, highlight to read*

Basically, all women on earth go sterile around the same time for unknown reasons. The youngest person on the planet is 18 years old, and he gets shot because of his "celebrity status". People basically realize that humanity is doomed in the next 80 years or so. In this environment, a former activist (Clive Owen) hooks up with his still activist ex-girlfriend/possibly wife (Julianne Moore) who is working with a group trying to overthrow the government. This group has gotten ahold of the first person to become pregnant in 18 years. They intend to use her to incite the people to rebel, against her wishes or best interests. Clive Owen's character tries to get her out of their hands and to a group known as the "human project".

It doesn't really sound too bad except I found myself questioning motivations too often, finding chance and coincidence directing the plot more often than not, character actions that were difficult to understand, and a general apathy towards all the characters. The ending which is supposed to be touching is the worst moment in the movie. It really drives home how little we care about these characters, and how little we know about the human project or if their struggles through out the movie were even worth it.

I've really started to like Aiko (VIDEO, VIDEO, basically ignore the videos if you want and just listen to the music). She has a nice voice and reminds me a bit of Zard.

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