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I haven't posted in a while. I'm still looking for work and keeping busy. I launched a new site called CulturalMeltdown.com. It's basically an associate site for amazon.com and rightstuf. I get to collect together all of my favorite anime related stuff I can find and write about them. Plus I get a small commission if people follow the links and buy stuff. It's pretty cool. I actually started the site back in 2000, but I never posted it.

I did a whole ass load of work on Hoshi wo Sagashite. I have an English font inserted, the same one from Maison Ikkoku actually. It looks good. Also, I found, dumped, and translated the text for the menus and the intro. I am in the process of editing the translation for the first half of the dialog. The last half I have not touched yet. It's quite a bit of text.

Other than that I'm writing and working on my comic. I am planning to post my comic and a Paypal donate link on my gallery site. I'm going to ask that if people like the comic, they donate a buck or two. Hopefully if I make enough I can use it to get the book printed and offer that to folks as well. It's incentive for me to keep working on comics anyway. I'm excited about getting a couple more ideas of mine in the works.


Greetings and beatings. I am up really late so I decided to blog. Not much going on. I have been on a big Danzig kick recently because Danzig really kicks the llama's ass. I've also been working on comics and translating a lot, in between doing some work painting and looking for jobs. I am keeping my fingers crossed about landing some freelance translation work. Wish me luck!

I've been trying to follow E3 a little but it's not terribly interesting. The PSP still looks cool. All the cool games coming out still look cool. That's about it. I used to come up with ideas for games all the time. I should start doing that again. It would be cool to make my own game even if it was like a dating sim or just a choose-your-own-adventure sort of thing. Maybe just something with 2D images, really old school-like.


I added some info about translation projects I am working on. Look below "Clutter" for the "Translation Projects" section. I added some info about the Slayers RPG for SNES as well as Maison Ikkkoku for th PCE. There is an "Other Projects" section, some projects of which may get their own section as time goes by.


I'm feeling surly so I figured I'd update my blog. :P I am still looking for a job. I have been trying to stay motivated and occupied. I feel like I have been succeding more in the latter than the former but the former too. I'm trying really, really hard to stay positive anyway. I the mean time I've been translating a little and working on an update for the Anime Video Game Resource Center. I'm also finishing up a dirty doujinshi that I was working on a while back. If I can finish that plus start another one that I have written, I'll have enough for my own book. Not sure what I would do with it, but I'd certainly look into getting it printed.

The weather is really depressing since it was like 80 degrees and hot in my apartment 2 days ago, then I woke up this morning and my apartment was freezing because I left my window open and now it's like 35 degrees out. Damn weather. I wish that all of the games I've translated were finished and playable. I also wish that I could sit around all day and draw comics without it meaning that I would eventually be bankrupt, evicted, and starving somewhere on the street. Is that really too much to ask for?

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