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Well, I don't know if I'm depressed or not. I guess I'm just sort of restless. I've been watching this show called Aishteruze Baby, which is about this guy in high school who is popular with girls. His aunt abandons her 5 year old daughter and she come to live with his family, and it becomes his responsibility to care for her. There is a lot of sad stuff though the tone of the show is fairly bright, it's hard to watch. I feel like I relate to whats going on in the show a bit too, which doesn't help, but that is probably why I am watching it.

I had some bad news regarding a translation project that I am involved with too which was a little disappointing. I'm forging ahead with Maison Ikkoku and Energy Breaker though which is a positive thing. I made some breakthroughs playtesting MI. I figured out how to start prgressing in the game, and also found and translated a walkthrough finally. This makes editing the script possible which is something that I haven't really been able to do much of until now. There are still some bugs in the game but if that can be overcome...

I've started to really tear through some of Energy Breaker but the script is dauntingly huge, even WITH a second translator (though much less so than before). I probably wouldn't be working on it as much as I am if not for the other translator. The story still seems very interesting and the dialog is fun to translate when I don't think about how much there is. :P


I probably shouldn't be posing this yet but here is a little of Chris' beautiful insertion work on the intro and menu for Hoshi wo Sagashite. ;)



I'm posting, see? I'm sick of seeing that same post there. It's hot, I have no money, I'm looking for a job. That about sums up things right now. I'm also swooning over industrial bands. I don't know why, but I really want to make music again.

I just posted a much belated Quick Guide to the CureMaid Cafe. I meant to do this right when I got back from my trip so folks trying to find the place wouldn't have as hard a time as I did. For those who don't know (everyone), the Cure Maid Cafe is a little cafe in Akihabara, Tokyo, where the waitresses all dress like maids. It's basically a novelty, but it's kind of a fun adventure if you are in Akihabara. Check the page for more info!

On a simmilar note I updated my photo gallery finally with my trip to Japan last year. Check it out.


This is the last thing that I should be doing but needed to clear my head a little last night so I sat down and painted some miniatures. I finished up some Orc Shamans, and an Orc Slaver I was working on, and I painted 6 Fodder, one of my favorite cheap and meddlesome figures. Here they are:

Check out my other miniatures in my Miniature Gallery.


Am I the only one who thinks this, or has Google started to suck as much if not more than all the other search engines do? It seems like search engines have a life-span of 3-4 years, after which they no longer turn up relavent searches due to the amount of advertising and "search engine placement" strategies exploited by major websites. I think that search engines should just be wiped clear every couple of years and started over again. Google used to be sooooo noticably different from the other engines because of the results it's searches got. It was obvious that the other search engines were bogged down with advertising. Now the difference doesn't seem so clear.

It's too bad, because Google was a good thing for such a long time. I hate to wade through the rest of the flotsam again in a vain search to find a search engine that actually does what it claims to do, search the INTERNET, the whole, un-advertising-dollar funded internet, for sites that actually have content related to your query. Man, I like to bitch.

I just did a little research to see if anyone else though google sucked using, guess what, google. I guess it's still good for something because I found this guy who doesn't like Google either.


I'm trying to remind myself that I have been doing good work recently. I finished some writing today, as well as inking and started tones on a comic page. I wish I was rich and didn't have to struggle to live while doing artwork.

I realized that there is a difference to what you can accomplish and the sort of things you will work on when you are living a safe existence, and when you are living a volatile one. I am not placing a particular value on either. I'm just afraid I'm going to wake up one morning and be like "What the fuck have I been doing?".

I guess some people have the benefit of being able to take their parents dreams and expectations and make them their own. Though I think I have felt like doing this, I cannot live for someone elses dreams, and I don't think I've had expectations placed on me in that way. But I don't know what my own goals really are.

Perhaps if I had the luxury I would continuing working the way that I was in high school and college. I guess that was basically doing whatever I felt like, with very little consideration as to where it would get me aside from exploring something that I was really interested in. I guess I miss that. But growing up, and living for me it seems, needs to consider "Where will this get me?", or at least "Where do I want to go?". That and consentrated effort are the only things that I think will allow me to succeed. That is my reality for now anyways.


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