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To continue with my current focus, it turns out MEG has a new album out hot on the heels of the last one, only 6 months later I believe though I can't find where I read that to confirm. At any rate I've been listening to it and it's really good. It takes a little longer to get into than the last one, it's a little more homogeneous than the last and sounds a bit more mature because of it. It's like they know the kind of music they want to make and aren't trying to make a pop hit out of every song (though MAGIC sticks out a little in this respect), but just an album full of beautiful music. I'm starting to like it quite a bit. It takes a bit longer for songs to pop out on it, but Prism Boy is one that's definitely starts to stand out right away. It's a little simple, but most of the album is like that. I also like Supersonic a lot though I can't find that on youtube to share. Here is Prism Boy:

Here is another song by song review of the album.

I also found Ami Suzuki's new single, Can't Stop the Disco. It hasn't blown me away like her last couple of singles but it sounds alright. Here it is:

Apparently it's been getting some flak for either paying homage to or ripping off (depending on who is talking about it) this video featuring Kylie Minogue:



I have more cool J-techno. I found this girl called Arai Mitsuki. She has an album out called COPY. Below are two samples from youtube. As usual I'd recommend ignoring the PVs, in fact just minimize your web browser and listen to the songs.

Also Perfume has a new single out (actually it not all that new but I just got around to finding it) called "Love the World". There is another new song called "Edge" which I assume it the b-side for this but it's not as good so I'll let you find it on your own.



I'll make up for my lack of blogging with some youtube videos. I've been listening to Kotoko again. This song is quite good. As usual you can ignore the PV (promotional video a.k.a. music video.

I've also found the first genuinely good song by Aya Hirano where she's not voice acting Konata.

BTW: This is the same person who voice acts this girl (the one with long blue hair) cosplaying as another character she voice acts in a different anime. It's a complex self reference. :P



I haven't blogged in a reeeeally long time. Don't know if that's a good sign or a bad sign. :)

I'm getting sick of thinking about this Xbox crap so I haven't been dealing with that recently.

Probably the biggest developments have been on the part of the PSX Anime List. I had a major breakthrough that let me do something with the new site (in development) that I couldn't get to work before. Of course now there are other things holding me back, but I'm hoping they are minor. I think I'm at a point where I could start entering game listings into the new site. If only I had the help of someone with free time that will work unpaid. :(

I've been to 2 weddings in the past 4 weeks with another coming up tomorrow. That will be it for the year though. This is my first year of weddings, it's kind of a new thing for me. I guess I'm getting older.

I've been watching the new season if Heroes which is super nifty keen. I also have been enjoying Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles a bunch. Things are going a little weird in both series right now but it's all good.

I kind of into a self-evaluation mode right now. I'm thinking of going back to school, or taking some classes here and there towards a degree more accurately. I've applied to my local community college and I'm looking into taking courses toward a certificate. I'll see where things go from there.

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