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I'm not sure how I feel right now. I think I'm just a little tapped out. I'd like to sit around and watch anime for about a day. I've been enjoying catching some Ojamajo Doremi (Magical Girl Doremi) on Fox Kids recently. My friend has tivo and they have just started airing new episodes again so we are watching it every week. I watched the first episoded of two shows which I have not gotten around to checking out until now, Maria-sama ga Miteru, and Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi. I watched the first season of Ai Yori which was good, but I never got around to the second season. I wish I had Slayers on DVD. I think I'd probably watch the entire series over the weekend if I could. Maybe I'll goof-off all weekend somehow anyway. I don't want to go to work tomorrow or deal with anything. I just want to lie in bed and watch cartoons. :P


Setbacks. Things don't always go the way you planned. It's important to be able to deal with things that get in your way and keep working toward acomplishing your goals. Sometimes I feel like I'm putting so much energy into reaching a goal that I get burnt out. I guess it's the tortoise and the hare. I thought it was about a race but I guess it was about how to make progress in your life. Slowly, steadily, one step at a time, and regardless of your competition. Fuck. Who knew? Anyway, my "schedual" is going well. I'm working a little bit every day on stuff that I want to get done. Things I really want to get done, and things that need to be done, which helps me be more at ease. I still want to feel like I've acomplished more by the end of the day, but you have to be satisfied with what you've got. Tomorrow is another day.


Do you ever have those moments that you wish would last forever? I felt like that today while translating Welcome to Pia Carrot for the PC-FX. ^_^ Yes you heard correctly. My dream project is in the process of becoming reality. It is just the beginning, but I have one (of many) script files which I am currently translating. This is the first game I am translating that I have played a significant portion of. The other games have all been translated "blind". This one I am familiar with the dialog, the characters, the game play, the menus, etc... It's fun to translate the script in this way. I am enjoying it a lot. I've also begun working more on Lady Sword so I can try to finish it up before I get too engrossed in Welcome to Pia Carrot.

This weekend has been kind of up and down. I'm sick and I'm not feeling well so that kind of sucks, but I'm also struggling with my mood a little, so I'm sort of anxious and my mood is inconsistent with the circumstances. I'm trying to stay "up" and hang out with friends as much as I can. I'm planning to go see Rob Zombie at the Palladium in Worcester MA on April 1st. I don't go out of my way to do stuff like that or plan trips with my friends much these days but I got an email that he was going on tour and I was like, "I'm going to that", so I'm going. ^_^ I think it will be a really good time.


I don't have to go into work until the afternoon today, which really makes me wish I had today off actually. :( I'm enjoying sitting around doing what I feel like this morning. I made a schedual to follow every evening when I come home from work on a normal day. I'll be able to follow this maybe 3-4 days a week, but my plan is to relax, make dinner, draw, do dishes, and then have a couple hours of free time before I go to bed. This is an effort to draw some everyday, do dishes every day, and to spend a little less time wasted on stuff that isn't very important. I have the time table laid out and hopfully if I follow it, my evenings will be a lot more productive and enjoyable. But speaking of wasting time...

I checked and updated all the links in Matts Messy Links. I added a link to Universo PCEngine, and fixed a few broken ones as well as removing one or two dead links. Now I am all current and functioning. Yay!

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