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I hope everyone had a nice Christmas/holiday season. I didn't get a single DVD this year, which I think is a good sign, though I did purchase two box sets for myself, Fraggle Rock Season 3 and the second box set of Pokemon Indigo League. I guess that's better than asking for them from friends and family somehow. I got some nice tools, a hardcover version of a graphic novel based on Heroes, some great Japanese language/text books I asked for, and some nice clothes and various things. I was also very glad to be able to spend a nice time with my family.

I have a present for everyone as well, my translation of Bubblegum Crash was released on the 26th thanks to Rich and Dave Shadoff! You can download the patch at romhacking.net. Many thanks to them without whom the patch would never have been released.

I saw the new Aliens vs. Predator movie last night. All I have to say is, "wow", what an improvement over the last one! It stands in stark contrast to Transformers esp. as a movie that displayed an understanding of what made the works it was based on enjoyable and even a sense of tribute to them, unlike the aforementioned proverbial bowel movement. It may have been the fast food version of the first two Aliens movies or the first Predator for that matter, but only in the sense that it packaged the tasty, greasy parts of both franchises into brightly packaged, easy to eat bites.

It was not shy to be gory and gruesome at times, even going a step over the line at one point, but in a setting where aliens bursting from chests and skinned people is the norm, it was basically par for the course. That doesn't mean it was boring, in fact, the shock, gore, and action was easily the best part of the movie.

What I appreciated the most however was how true to character the Aliens and Predators were. There was not a lot new here, though folks that have never been exposed to the comics series of either franchise may find some new material. The attention to building the alien races as main characters in the story, even though they are non-speaking and non-human, was handled very well. We get the story from all three perspectives, humans, alien, predator, and all are treated with the appropriate amount of care. Anyone that's a fan of these franchises should see this film. It's easily the best thing to come out of either series in recent memory.


I just watched a bunch of anime. Episode 9 of Kodomo no Jikan. Episode 3 of Genshiken 2. And episode 37 of Death Note (along with the preceding several episodes). Now that I've finally finished it, I can say it was really good. The ending was a little hard because it had to go one of two ways and neither was going to be completely satisfying, or maybe anime just has a hard time getting it's endings 100% right, but it was good nonetheless.
I'm not in an especially good mood, but it's late and I need to go to bed. I think I just want to figure out what I'm doing with myself right now. I've kind of taken a step in the right direction, but now I'm looking around going, "What now?". I need to feel like I'm moving forward, and something very f**king different than what is happening right now needs to be happening for me to feel that way.
I'm meditating daily now, which I think is good, though it may be contributing to the problem a little bit. I think the more energy I have and move around, the more it brings out my negative flows of energy. Ultimately I think it will help those energies move in positive ways, but there may be some turbulence on the way.
Ok, I really am going to bed now.


Been under wraps for a little while. I've been playing a lot of Mass Effect. Very good game with a lot of potential (some of it lost) and some obvious flaws, but a ton of fun nonetheless. I think one of the things I like the most is combat. I like being able to pause the action, choose my abilities and swap weapons on the fly. I like the cover system, and enjoy the character class I picked (infiltrator).

In yet another attempt to see Rob Zombie, this time I found out he was playing right near me and was on the web site to get tickets the exact minute they went on sale. They sold out within a couple of days but I'm going to be there! I'm pretty psyched.

Other than that it's the holiday season, and I'm finding it in my heart to be depressed regardless of the good things I'm making happen in my life. Whee!!

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