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Microsoft Entrenched Behind Impenetrable Phone Support

So I'm getting sick of trying to get a hold of escalations on the phone so I finally broke down like I've been saying and took another step. I purchased a domain name recently, www.redringofdeath.net, and this is the email I send to Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer regarding the poor quality of service I have been receiving.

Hello Steve,

This is my second email to you. The first time I emailed I got a telephone
response from a nice young man who said he had looked into my problem an was
unable to help me. I appreciate the quick response on this. However, I still
do not have a working 360 even though mine failed due to a general hardware
failure (3 flashing red lights) during the warranty period.

In my first email I sent you 30 testimonials from others like me who had had
similar experiences. I've since blogged
about my experience and received additional responses from people having the
same problem, and I don't just mean "three flashing red lights", but people
who sent back a perfectly repairable systems and were sent back systems that
are unrepairable. Here are some of the responses:

"Anonymous said...
Good on you fella, i had the same thing claiming i had tampered with the
console, all I've ever done with the 360 was put in and take out games,
seems to me just keep bugging them and you'll get somewhere! After sending
e-mails to everyone i could get an e-mail address from in Microsoft, finally
got an e-mail from head of escalations in the UK, so maybe i might get
somewhere now,good luck!!!!"

"Kristen said...
Reading this makes me feel like I've written it but don't remember!! What
happened with you is as close to exact as with me!! I really hope these XBox
b******s get it through their heads and give us what we want and deserve or
there's gonna be a lot if not all outta jobs!! Keep it up all and let's bug
those a**holes till we get out s**t straight!!"

It's more and more obvious to me that I'm not the only one having these

I've been calling back the number I got for Xbox escalations and waiting on
hold 3 and more hours at a time and I really haven't been getting anywhere.
Since I don't have a 360 to play anymore I'm finding myself with a lot more
free time than I used to have and since I'm also not being assisted or
listened to I find that I have a lot of unfocused motivation.

I'd like to let you know what I do for a living. I'm a web page designer. I
make websites look pretty and I do a fair amount of the technical stuff for
a variety of sites. I was thinking of ideas for websites the other night and
I was thinking that a community site based around Xbox 360 users that were
having troubles with hardware and specifically having troubles with the
repair centers might be a really useful site. In fact I've recently
purchased the domain name www.redringofdeath.net. Below is whois info for
the domain:

PO Box 333
Randolph, VT 05060


Administrative Contact:
LaFrance, Matthew matt@mattsmessyroom.com
PO Box 333
Randolph, VT 05060

Technical Contact:
LaFrance, Matthew matt@mattsmessyroom.com
PO Box 333
Randolph, VT 05060

I was wondering if you think that people would find a site like this useful?
I've been wanting to cut my teeth on an honest to goodness community site
for a while and it seems like it would be very popular. I'm working with a
content management system right now that would make it very easy for me to
set up the site and add a lot of cool features to it. I'm excited to see
where I could go with this.

I would like to point out that it's never been my intention to start
assembling a site like this but since I'm being treated the way I am I'm
starting to feel like I could be doing a service to more than just myself,
but a large number of other people. I have to imagine that had I received
more cooperation from support in getting my 360 replaced with a new one, or
had I originally been serviced properly by the service center, I would
probably have less interest in pursuing this (albiet fascinating)
opportunity. I really feel like you guys have missed an opportunity for
great customer service here and while I feel increasingly frustrated,
neglected, and disappointed, I have to think that you guys could still make
good on your word and help turn my opinion around.

What I've been asking for is something very simple, a new Xbox 360. I know
this may seem like a lot, but when I purchased my 360 originally, the first
one I got failed during the Walmart return policy and they were responsible
enough to exchange for a new system. All I'm asking for is the same thing.
Microsoft has extended the warranty for the 360 to cover the extended period
of potential failure for these systems, but it is meaningless if it is not
upheld. I followed all instructions for properly troubleshooting, packaging,
and returning my system for repair and I've been accused of things I did not
do and returned an unrepairable system. This is unacceptable.

I hope that you will reconsider my request for a new system (not a
refurbished system) that will be covered under warranty. The system may be
sent to:

(address omitted)

As I said in my last email, I'd like to stay a MS customer, but at this
rate, I'm starting to wonder if you care about your customers at all.

Matthew J. La France

I almost hope they don't respond well to this because I'd like to give the website a try but really I'll probably be satisfied if they just send me a new system. Time will tell!

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